How quickly time flies! After months of radio silence here on the blog, it still feels unreal to type these lines. My break from blogging took longer than planned. But now it should go on again. With a new structure, a slightly different focus and a lot of motivation to report regularly about WordPress again.

A few numbers about the blog

After a long pause in writing and before restarting, you naturally wonder whether it should continue in the same way or whether the time has come for changes. So it made sense to me to first analyze the status quo.

Here are a few facts and figures:

  • Launch in September 2016
  • 120 published articles
  • 558 comments (245 from me)
  • 538 newsletter subscribers
  • Currently around 12,000 visitors and 18,000 page views per month

Overall, I'm very satisfied with the development of Theme Killer as a small niche blog. Most of all, I am pleased with the numerous comments and conversations that have already taken place here and the high number of newsletter subscribers who apparently do not want to miss any of my posts 🙂

On the one hand, my goal was to write useful tutorials and introduce interesting plugins, as an extension of the support for my theme users. In fact, I very often link my own articles in my emails. On the other hand, I hoped to increase the level of awareness of myself and my WordPress themes in order to win one or two new customers. These goals cannot be measured with hard key figures, but I would consider them to have been met. Of course there is always room for improvement.

Looking back over three years of Theme Killer

The blog was created without much planning or preparation. In the end I registered the domain, ordered the web space, installed one of my themes and just started writing. At first I experimented a lot with Facebook Ads, which brought the first readers to the blog.

In retrospect, I think it was good to limit yourself to the German-speaking area. We still felt that there was little content about WordPress in this country, so it is a little easier to reach readers. And it was also one of the main reasons for starting a separate website and not blogging on .

Over time, new content and a few new categories were added, but otherwise little has changed here. The blog does not have its own logo to this day. The theme is based on my own Napoli theme. My shops are complex enough with several custom post types, shop plug-ins and account areas, which is why I have always kept the blog very simple.

Which went well

One problem as a blogger sooner or later is to find time and space for new content on a regular basis. Until my unscheduled break , I succeeded in doing this well and at least one article was created per month. It was a total of 34 months without a break and I hope to be able to repeat this series now and then expand it.

My plugin reviews worked very well. These were by far the most popular posts in terms of both traffic and comments. The range of plugins is almost unmanageable and even as an experienced WordPress user you only know a fraction, which is why these posts are probably quite useful for all target groups.

Lately I've reported a lot about general news and changes in the WordPress core, mainly because of Gutenberg. These articles were also very well received by you.

Which went less well

Perhaps the biggest mistake was simply writing without a basic content plan. The lack of structure is evident in the series of articles that have been started and never finished, promised articles that have never appeared and sometimes articles on such special topics that 99% of the readers were not interested in at all.

Many WordPress developer tutorials with detailed code snippets took a lot of effort, but received little read or comment. I don't know whether it was due to my article topics or the much smaller target group, but there was little demand for the content for developers.

Newly introduced categories such as my WordPress Business Reports were not well thought out either. I planned to write an article every month. However, it quickly turned out that it was not going to be sustainable and that I didn't have that many topics for it.

Changes here in the blog

The points raised have prompted me to make some changes for future posts. From now on, the focus will only be on news, tutorials and plugin reviews for WordPress. Articles on theme development, plugin development and technical Gutenberg tutorials are being dropped. These will appear elsewhere, more on that below.

Also, no more posts will appear in the My WordPress Business category, this was the last one. In the future, I'll be reporting directly on what I'm working on in the OneTheme and EnglishThemes blogs. It also fits thematically better there.

Theme Killer will become more of an online magazine for WordPress than my personal blog. The target group are all WordPress users who work with the CMS. Of course, this also includes WordPress Developer.

Personal blog in English

In addition, I started a new, personal blog at . The domain has existed forever. I use the handle @netzberufler in most profiles like Twitter, Instagram and Github. It was practically my company name as a freelancer before I started my WordPress theme shop.

The main focus will be on software development, especially WordPress and Gutenberg, of course. The blog is in English and will hopefully reach the international WordPress community. That is one of the reasons for the split into two blogs.

WordPress won't be the only topic though. Over the past few months I've looked a little outside the box and dealt a lot with JavaScript, React, React Native, Python and machine learning. There are actually a lot of things besides WordPress that are really exciting.

I can also easily imagine thoughts on entrepreurship, business, remote work and marketing. In short: I feel like writing about all sorts of things if I feel like it. A personal blog is better suited as a playground for this, and Theme Killer focuses fully on WordPress again.

For the next 3 years 🙂