6 apps to make life more fun

Apps have become an integral part of our lives now, especially since the outbreak of the pandemic two years ago. They do more than just deliver food, groceries and clothing. Download these apps for free on Android and iOS to help you with your daily activities. For additional features, you can get the paid version.

Ibis Painting

This is a drawing application. It has brushes, blending modes, filters, textures, stroke registration and stabilization techniques, and options to create radial or symmetrical lines. They also have a pro version which offers an ad-free experience.


It was launched in 2015 to allow gaming fans to meet and stream. But since the pandemic broke out, the app has also been downloaded by non-gamers. In March 2020, the makers changed its tagline from “Chat for Gamers” to “Chat for Communities and Friends”. Anyone can create a server for any activity and send an invitation to friends and strangers to join. You can chat here or talk through the voice channel. Nitro is their pro version and it comes with premium features.


VSCO is a popular platform for budding photographers. In the free version of the app, you can click and edit photos. The paid version also allows you to shoot and edit videos and offers many other filters.


The notion is a working tool. It lets you take notes, create tables, and organize content. It works like WordPress. The content is divided into blocks and each block has a suite of features to customize the content. It also has pre-made templates. The pro version of the app lets you collaborate with other creators.


Is your phone addiction affecting your studies? This app has a fun solution. It grows a virtual tree every time you complete a task within a time limit you set on the timer. Your tree will die if you start using your phone before the timer goes off. You can set the timer for a maximum of 120 minutes. You can select different plants to grow. The pro version gives you the option to choose more plants and make friends.


It is a voice based security application. The map function keeps track of your movements and the SOS button activates when pressed three times or for three seconds. It alerts emergency contacts to your location in real time and begins recording events that occur.

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