8 Profitable Side Business Ideas for UX Designers in Africa

The secondary ideas highlighted are the result of insightful analyzes from reliable sources such as Ux Design World, User Experience Planet, User Interface Design and others.

Organize a workshop

According to Nielsen Norman Group, user experience workshops are places where designers engage in intensive collaborative sessions to solve problems. In addition, the workshop allows professional creators to progress and Africans can generate an income. This passive income idea is for you if you have a dedicated studio or space and can engage talent in hands-on activities and idea generation.

These activities allow participants to achieve an achievable goal, and Africans can earn money by charging a participation fee. Additionally, helping other professional designers advance can attract new business and build your credibility and personal brand.

Teach online

According to UX Design World, becoming a user experience mentor and teaching online is profitable and ideal for making money in the industry. Skilled and knowledgeable African user experience designers can earn a decent passive income by sharing their knowledge online.

This side hustle idea is rewarding if you can create online courses, host webinars, and teach others user interface and experience (UI/UX) design. The idea is to prepare teaching materials and film the video lessons to generate passive income online. Also, you can sell online courses related to user experience design online on platforms like Skillshare and Coursera.

Design and sell WordPress themes

According to webfx, designing and selling WordPress themes is a lucrative business idea for UX designers. While designing WordPress themes is lucrative, African UX designers can make money with creativity in the industry. If you are creative and can create, design and sell WordPress themes, you can earn a decent income with this side hustle idea.

ThemeForest, TemplateMonster, and WordPress Theme Directory are marketplaces to sell theme designs for lucrative rewards. Additionally, Elementor Pro 2.0, Themes Generator, PageLines, iThemes Builder, and TemplateToaster are tools that streamline the theme design process.

Start working freelance

According to SpringBoard, building a portfolio and offering freelance services as a user experience designer is lucrative. With freelancing, African user experience designers can benefit from time and income flexibility, continued growth, and geographic independence. It’s a great side hustle and a quick way to passively earn in the industry with no national barrier.

So whether you’re in Nigeria, Cameroon, South Africa, Ghana, or Kenya, freelancing your user experience design skills pays off as a side hustle. Additionally, Indeed, LinkedIn, Fiverr, and Upwork are a few platforms that African user experience designers can generate income by offering freelance services.

Start consulting

According to The Designer Ship, a user experience consultant is a designer who offers advice to businesses and individuals in the niche industry. These professionals brainstorm product ideas and features and develop user experience strategies, and Africans can benefit.

If you have a deep understanding of the end user and can help clients achieve their UX design improvement goals, this side hustle idea is for you. The idea is to make money by explaining user behavioral psychology to customers and auditing websites, software, apps, and other products for user experience. Also, starting a consulting business is affordable and requires no upfront payment.

Sell ​​digital products

According to User Experience Planet, selling digital products and design elements is lucrative, especially with the advent of globalization. Skilled African user experience designers can earn a decent income selling digital products. This side hustle idea lets you design and sell audio and video files, Photoshop effects, design elements, and icons.

With new and aspiring UX designers on the hunt for design elements, Africans can generate passive income with no hassle. Whether you’re a freelancer, work for a large corporation, or a design agency, selling digital products is profitable and can generate passive income.

start blogging

According to User Interface Design, blogging is one of the fastest ways to generate remote passive income in the user experience industry. Africans skilled and skilled in user experience design can earn money by putting their experience into written words.

If you can explain different aspects of user experience design in writing, blogging might be the perfect idea for you. Remember that blogging requires adopting the best strategies to increase traffic and build brand awareness for desirable results. The idea is to increase traffic and establish yourself as an authority to passively earn with blogging.

Start a YouTube channel

According to Creative Bloq, starting a YouTube channel is lucrative, with endless earning opportunities for talented user experience designers. African user experience designers can earn money on the video platform by teaching user interface design, sharing user interface tips and marketing courses.

If you can create videos and leverage the internet for subscribers, you can make a decent income with this side hustle idea. Also, you can make money from paid referrals, AdSense, and affiliate marketing.


African UX designers can make money in the industry by hosting a workshop, teaching online, and designing and selling WordPress themes. With freelancing, consulting, selling digital products, and blogging, you can earn a decent income. Skilled Africans mastering user experience design can earn passive income with these side hustles, but consider thoroughly researching each point. Now that you know the most profitable ideas for UX designers in Africa, it’s time to decide and earn a decent living.

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