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WordPress theme author Anders Norén is back with a new minimal block theme for blogs and personal websites. Björk is the 129th block theme to enter the directory and Norén’s 25th free WordPress theme. It follows the release of Poe, a portfolio-style theme, less than two months ago.

Although Norén has said he is a fan of the Icelandic singer, his new theme is named after his favorite tree. Björk is the Swedish name for birch.

“Birches are incredibly resilient, which is why you can find them closer to the tree line on the Swedish fjäll than any other type of tree,” Norén said. “They are also very pretty to look at.”

The theme’s default style certainly has a birch-like appearance with its white background and use of Albert Sans, a Google font designed by Danish typeface designer Andreas Rasmussen who was inspired by the typographical characteristics of Scandinavian architects and designers. at the beginning of the 20th century.

Desktop viewers will see a sticky side menu for quick navigation links. This disappears on smaller screens in favor of a hamburger menu.

“Björk has a very classic blog theme structure, with a sidebar on the left and content on the right,” Norén said in a post introducing the new theme. “You’ve seen hundreds of these WordPress themes before – I’ve published about six of them myself – but with the advent of block themes, everything old is new again. lots of block themes with this structure in the themes directory.

Björk includes seven different theme styles, in addition to the default style, which can instantly change the look of the website.

Norén has also included over 15 block templates, which allow users to mix and match and quickly create their own layouts for the homepage or other pages. Templates include designs for featured items with image, title, paragraph and button, testimonials section, multiple hero templates, call to action templates, and more.

When you first install and activate the theme, you get all the layouts in place, including the homepage. This makes it easy for users to get started by simply replacing content or rearranging it to suit their unique needs. Check out the demo to see approximately what it will look like when installed.

Björk was built using Norén’s Davis Blocks theme as a base, the same framework used to build Poe, his latest version. It’s a small package, with only 500 lines of CSS and no JavaScript.

Björk is available as a free download on or via the “Add a new theme” screen in the administration.

“The site editor has really come a long way in a short time,” Norén said. “The most noticeable difference is that I’m having a lot more fun building block themes now than when I released Tove, my first block theme, a year ago. With the features coming to WordPress 6.1 in October is only from here.

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