Anders Norén Remakes Davis Theme As Davis Blocks With Full Site Editing Support – WP Tavern

WordPress theme author Anders Norén has revamped his popular Davis theme to support full site editing. The new theme, Davis Blocks, features the same clean design as its predecessor and can be used as a starter theme or a lightweight blog theme.

Norén said he built Davis Blocks to be as small as possible, while maintaining the same look as the original theme. The updated theme has no JavaScript and weighs only 248 KB, most of which are the PT Serif font files and the theme screenshot. It stands in stark contrast to Norén’s first block theme, Tove, which was loaded with 52K custom CSS.

“The promise of block themes is that eventually themes will no longer need to include custom CSS,” Norén said. “A basic theme, without any custom block styles, should be able to get away with just using theme.json. The core isn’t there yet – there are some blocking issues, like alignment styles – but it comes close enough.

Norén’s introductory post for the theme covers many of the current challenges block theme authors face, such as structural issues like aligning an outer margin on smaller screens, the need for overriding some base styles, inability to style buttons in file and search. blocks with theme.json parameters, and more. He looks forward to removing more CSS included in Davis Blocks as these issues are resolved.

Although Norén identifies Davis Blocks as a classic blogging theme with an emphasis on typography and long-form articles, it can be transformed into any type of theme with its support for full site editing features. . Users can easily customize the header and other templates to add or remove blocks and change the color scheme according to their own needs.

Davis Blocks comes with six template files (404, Archive, Index, Page, Search, and Single) and three template parts (Header, Footer, and Loop). Although there’s been a lot of buzz around how indispensable models have become, Norén chose to forgo including any in this theme.

“With the progress being made on the template directory, bundling block templates into the themes folder seemed like a step in the wrong direction,” he said. Over 800 templates are now available in the directory, so it will be interesting to see if other block theme authors are going in the same direction or insisting on including their own custom templates.

Davis Blocks is available for free from the WordPress Theme Directory and can also be installed through the Add New Themes admin menu. The addition of Davis Blocks brings the number of block themes in the directory to 91.

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