Best Chinese vlogger says simple rural lifestyle is secret to success



Known as a master of Asian cuisine, Li Ziqi lives in a mountainous forest village in Pingwu County, southwest China’s Sichuan Province. In 2017, she became an online celebrity in China for her idyllic farm life videos.

But Li’s online footprints are far from limited to his own country. Viewers around the world have had the chance to learn more about Chinese culture through his videos, which range from preparing food to making arts and crafts to cheese.

Such a rich content repository has earned it immense popularity on social media. She has over 16 million YouTube subscribers and over 27.5 million subscribers on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter.

Li’s insane success spread to YouTube, with the platform seeing a slight increase in the number of vloggers uploading videos with similar ideas but from different parts of the world, featuring diverse cultures and fascinating viewers from all over the world. corners of the planet.

Li was recently invited to the Young Asian Leaders Forum held in Guangdong Province (South China). On the sidelines of the event, she spoke to CGTN about what drives her creativity and appreciation for the simple things in life.

She said that she started uploading her videos to an international platform just because she heard that someone had shared her videos on it without her permission. But she didn’t expect the videos to get so much attention.

“I was touched to see the comments in different languages. I felt like it was solid proof that the world is like a village, where people don’t speak the same language but share common emotional values. “she said.


From culture and food to intangible cultural heritage, Ziqi’s videos show different, calming and calm aspects of rural life, as well as visually engaging knowledge of Chinese crafts and traditions. She said she was inspired by genuine interest when choosing a topic for her next video.

“I don’t have a specific plan for the videos, sometimes an idea comes to my mind. Like once, I wanted to do a video about wooden movable type printing, so I decided to do it. give it a try. It took a while to learn it, but I can really feel the charm of this traditional craft and love it so much. When you do something that you really love, viewers can feel it, “he said. she declared.

Li is not only the performer on camera, but also the mastermind behind his production team, which includes two cameramen and an assistant. Some of the ideas for his videos were generated after reading the comments under his videos.

Her cooking videos, she explained, originally opened with plans for picking vegetables in a field, but later took inspiration from comments that gave her the idea to introduce d ‘first the seeds. This motivated her to start a new series called “The Life of Everything”. She feels like she and her viewers are growing together and becoming better people.

So far, Li has uploaded more than 100 videos to YouTube, each generating millions of views. She said she was grateful to see more people interested in Chinese culture and the beauty of life in general.

The Chinese social media star is currently locked in a legal battle with his company’s co-investors, which has made his YouTube account static for more than four months now. Internet users at home and abroad are eager to know when it will start downloading again.

Creating content is what she loves to do, she says, and she will continue to do so.


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