Best Poker Vlogs of the Week: February 8-14

Quite a few poker players have turned their love of poker into a more creative and productive business, creating video content from their poker adventures and posting them as vlogs on YouTube.

In this article, PokerNews highlights some of our favorite poker vlogs posted last week. Check back with us every week as we’ll bring you new poker content that you may not have seen yet!

Ryan Depaulo: degenerate player

Ryan Depaulo has been causing a stir in the poker world for the past few years. Depaulo has built a strong customer base always ready to shout “Parkour!” if they spot it outside and around. After a deep run in the Colossus, Depaulo scored his first WSOP Gold Bracelet while parked in a Whole Foods parking lot during the 2020 WSOP Online Bracelet Series. Depaulo’s most recent vlog finds him in Hollywood in Florida playing in a $ 600 NLH Six Max tournament.

Ben Deach

Ben Deach works as a Morning Show reporter at KOLO 8 News in Reno Nevada. Deach frequents the Peppermill poker room and other rooms around Reno and throughout the state of Nevada. Deach shows a natural talent in his style of vlogging which he has had to hone in his career. Check out his most recent vlog below.

Andrew Lok

Andrew Lok is based in the Bay Area of ​​California. Lok has been posting poker vlogs on his Youtube channel for almost 2.5 years. Lok’s style of vlogging is one of the cleanest and crispest we’ve seen. With a natural storytelling ability and crisp shots, Lok’s vlogs should definitely be on your watch list. Watch his latest vlog below.

Cato “PokerBEAST”

On February 1, Cato posted his first poker vlog on his new Youtube channel. Two weeks later, Cato already had his eighth video online. Eight videos in 14 days is not a beat you’ll see in many places, but throughout the videos Cato continued to deliver compelling content. With such an exciting new channel, we’ll bring you Cato’s own description of what to expect. “I am a low stakes poker player who wants to provide great poker content and build a community of PokerBEAST, where we can learn, grow and enjoy this beautifully complex game together.”

Check out one of Cato’s most recent vlogs below!

Check back next week for another list of exciting poker vlogs!

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