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The H5P team has been working for some time on always amazing new features so that users can use and improve in detail what they want to share on their site.

  • The first new type of content is Choice of images. Thus, the authors will be able to ask the students to answer a question by selecting one or more images.
  • The second new type of content is Crossword. Who doesn’t like crosswords? It’s a fun way to learn and memorize new concepts. Authors will be able to enter a variety of words and suggestions and a crossword puzzle will be automatically generated. And the best part is that the author can customize it however they want.
  • The third new activity is Sort paragraphs. Here, students should arrange the paragraphs in the correct order.

Image Choice and Crossword are available to users, who must activate them on their Settings âž¡ Content types menu; while Sort Paragraphs will be published later. Users on self-hosted LMS or CMS can take advantage of these 3 new activities right away.

Make interactive learning accessible with the Lumi H5P for desktop

Will Moodle eventually achieve truly universal critical mass in global education, or should H5P continue to expand in other ways?

H5P, the free and open tool (educational or not) for content creation and interactivity, continues to revolutionize open source elearning teams everywhere.


You can power your entire interactive online presence with H5P. Create and reuse content and experiences through a pure HTML5 and JavaScript engine, designed to work in any relatively recent web browser. The content is also compatible with mobile devices, allowing users to experience the same interactivity as on a computer.

Until now, H5P has been linked to learning platforms like Moodle or content management systems like WordPress. Lumi offers the first H5P editor as a simple, executable desktop application.

Lumi is a desktop app that offers the H5P collection of tools for creating, editing, and sharing digital content with your classroom. Lumi is also free and open source software.

Lumi works offline (link in German), you can create, edit and import offline files without LMS like Moodle and without CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress, then export them as HTML for offline use or on the internal network without a web server.

Download Lumi for Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

Meet the New H5P – OneNote Integration for Interactive Content

More and more educators around the world are using H5P to create interactive learning resources and digital materials for their lessons.

To use H5P you don’t need to have any programming or design knowledge, with the templates available you can create attractive material for your students.

H5P wants to change the way people communicate through interactive content and make it affordable for everyone.

By popular demand from forum dwellers, the H5P team developed the OneNote-H5P integration for content hosted on Now you can paste any URL from into a OneNote page and you can see how it will display a fixed live interaction on your screen.

Now educators have the ability to create interactive educational content and pages with H5P and OneNote.

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