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New Delhi [India], Oct 23 (ANI / Heylin Spark): Email marketing offers the highest ROI of any digital marketing channel that exists in contemporary digital marketing. As a Certified Mailchimp ExpertMailchimp Pro Partner, Deep Focus has helped many global clients from different industries profitably run their email marketing campaigns using the power of engaging and quality emails. It offers results-driven and user-friendly packages that help clients improve their marketing ROI and increase brand awareness.

With over 4 billion daily email active users, it’s no surprise that the ROI of email marketing is almost 4 times that of any other alternative online marketing technique. One of the biggest obstacles facing individuals and businesses is emails that land in the spam folder. Up to 45% of all emails sent end up in spam folders. This reduces the likelihood of converting a prospect into a paying customer. With over 1.88 billion existing websites and approximately 252,000 new websites being created every day around the world, online businesses are booming. In the modern digital age fueled by the internet, conversion-optimized website designs, along with results-driven email marketing, can help establish a global brand with ease.

Deep Focus specializes in the art of email marketing and web design by leveraging its talent pool, which includes experienced industry professionals. It offers a unique solution to everything digital. From building dynamic websites to running profitable digital and email marketing campaigns, he takes a holistic approach to branding. Backed by technical experts, marketing professionals and support teams, Deep Focus has helped small business owners, sole traders, corporate giants, entrepreneurs, freelancers, SMEs and NGOs to make their dreams come true. Mailchimp experts have trained individuals and organizations on several aspects of email marketing. Whether your research is for sophisticated web solutions including WordPress website design services, website customization, PHP powered web application development, custom quote system development, email marketing , social media marketing or SEO, Deep Focus will meet all your needs.

The website development plan includes a domain name, 5 premium templates, 10 pages tailored to the content and a website hosting server at a very low price of $ 800. As the best email marketing agency in India, it offers 10 keyword rankings, monthly blogging, on-page optimization, and backlinks for just $ 300. The $ 200 email marketing package includes Mailchimp account setup, template design, campaign setup, and reporting.

Harnessing the real potential of email marketing requires professional expertise offered by the best email marketing agencies in India. Establishing yourself as the best in the business is far from easy. Deep Focus has several accolades to support this claim. He is proud to have achieved Mailchimp Pro-Partner status, Email Automation Certification by Mailchimp, Gold Medal for Best Email Campaign of 2021 and Notable Networker Award by BNI. With a vision to digitally support individuals and organizations, he strives for excellence.

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