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photo credit: Matt Bango

Version 5.9’s new default Twenty Twenty-Two theme hasn’t even been fully built yet, but many WordPress enthusiasts who saw yesterday’s design reveal are already eager to use it on their sites. Contributors only have 40 days before the beta 1 release scheduled for November 16 to prepare the theme. While this seems like an incredibly tight deadline, more frequent default theme versions may be on the horizon.

In a few short paragraphs inserted at the end of the announcement, KJell Reigstad commented on the future of the default theme posting frequency:

The community has produced a dozen top-notch themes together, and we look forward to a new one at the end of each year. That said, themes are in a period of transition today, and it seems like a reasonable time to take a step back and reassess the annual cadence with which we build default themes.

Innovations like theme.json, block templates, and block templates dramatically simplify theme development and give users new ways to customize their sites. There is reason to believe that the community can leverage all of this to create more frequent and diverse theme and customization solutions for our users in the years to come.

It was not clear if Reigstad meant that the rate of default theme versions would slow down or speed up. I asked him for clarification and he confirmed that the idea is to consider the possibility of accelerating.

“I hope these new tools will allow us to create and publish more frequently than we have been able to in the past.” said Reigstad.

“The general idea came as part of the default theme ideation process this year, and this part of the post is meant to give it a wider platform for conversation in the community. hear what others are thinking since this idea is still in its early stages! I really think there are a lot of opportunities here.

The ideation process he referred to, which varies from year to year, included early conversations with project management to plan and make sure the theme is aligned with the future of WordPress.

Before the discussion officially kicks off regarding increasing the frequency of posting of default themes, contributors are focusing on the release of Twenty Twenty-Two. Reigstad said people can jump into testing now because the general structure is already in place. This includes basic fonts, colors, and patterns, although details like spacing and specific block styles are still ongoing, as well as block patterns. If you want to help make Twenty Twenty-Two the best it can be, check out the ongoing development on GitHub.

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