Founded with 100 campers, AceVolt introduces the revolutionary “Campower” for an enhanced camping experience.

CARSON CITY, Nevada., July 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A CaliforniaThe AceVolt-based brand has introduced a whole new product category to the camping scene. The new product category bears the unique name “Campower” (Camp + Power) and guarantees the best camping food for camping ever. Founded based on suggestions from up to 100 campers, AceVolt Campower is a new era portable power station designed specifically for camping.

AceVolt Camera Power is a solar powered advance portable power station which comes with a rechargeable battery powered generator, backed by a DC carport, AC outlet and USB charging ports. The station is capable of powering all sorts of devices that one may take on camping trips, such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, mini coolers, coffee makers, and more.

But, unlike ordinary portable power stations that are used for power needs in various locations, the AceVolt Campower is a state-of-the-art power solution designed just for campers. AceVolt invited 100 experienced campers from Reddit, Quora, and other camping forums and social media sites like Instagram to participate in their R&D process. The company had also reached out to camping bloggers and vloggers on YouTube and Instagram for valuable insights. The idea was to create the best portable power station for campers, aka “Campower”, based on what campers are looking for or want in the perfect portable power station for their camping adventures.

One of the main aspects that AceVolt has incorporated into Campower based on suggestions from 100 professional campers is the state-of-the-art LiFePO4 battery. The LiFePo4 battery is significantly more powerful than conventional Li-ion batteries used in conventional portable power stations and thus guarantees significantly longer charging cycles. While traditional counterparts can offer up to 500 charge cycles, the LiFePO4 backed Campower has been shown to offer over 2,500 charge cycles!

The product is powered by the safest battery cell in the market (high temperature resistance up to 140F compared to 104F as in ordinary portable power stations in the market). These products are designed around the needs of campers.


Designed and developed based on the rich knowledge of 100 professional campers, AceVolt Campower ensures to offer the best portable power station possible, specially designed for campers. Backed by an advanced LiFePO4 battery, the camping powerhouse promises over 2,500 charge cycles, the longest product life and ultimate safety.

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