Funny and informative gearhead takes $ 5k to convert a blown-engine MINI to an electric vehicle

Some of the vloggers we see on a daily basis are quite technical, some are sufficient, while others go for a fun take. Well, Richard from the Rich Rebuilds YouTube channel is technical, funny, and likable at the same time when he gives his thoughtful explanations.

Having just completed two German cars – a BMW i8 and an Audi RS7 – he apparently went bankrupt and decided his next project would be one on a very tight budget, just $ 5,000. In a previous episode (we’ve also embedded it below next to the one we’re most interested in), he’s thinking about an electric quad he’s already built – so those memories sparked the idea of ​​taking a very unreliable MINI and turn it into an electric vehicle.

Over the course of this segment, we can see the buying process, why he spent $ 1,500 on a non-running unit with an allegedly burnt out engine (this turns out to be true), as well as the teardown work that was done there. ‘service workshop. Then we should move on to the actual construction video.

It’s not complete, however, as he wastes time giving us a lot of interesting explanation – all including a cute puppy, a girl taking selfies doing absolutely nothing (she later exhibits some good technical knowledge. , as of 5:45), or the most logical reason to date that tech schools have abandoned many electric car projects everywhere.

It has to do with high school kids finding out about the incredible existence of the opposite sex, but it bodes well for Richard as this is where he gets a DC motor for his electric MINI (he also explains why he chose it over an AC motor with regenerative braking, before going to work from 3:40).

We are moving quickly, thankfully, with some time frame of his actual assembly process – he takes out the gearbox, goes to make parts and also discusses the puzzles of unreliable BMWs and MINIs (starting at 12:00 noon), buddies the DC motor to the transmission in more time, then prepares to wrap things up.

The DC motor and gearbox were plugged in, but the episode ends on an ironic note … because he forgot to check if the electric motor is actually working … Sincerely, we’ll check it out at leave every now and then, as it caught our attention – and elicited smiles as well.

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