Get your free tickets to WordCamp US Online 2021 – WP Tavern

WordCamp US 2021 will be held online this year on October 1. The free one-day event will be filled with speaker sessions, workshops and networking opportunities for attendees.

Organizers opened the call for speakers nominated earlier this month to speak on topics within the framework identified for this year: connection, contribution and inspiration:

We want to hear about unsung heroes doing great things with the latest versions of WordPress, successful businesses that could only have happened with WordPress, educators using WordPress with their students, and inspiring stories from community and connection. We also want to know about innovative technological implementations and cutting edge design methods that can inspire site owners to do even more with WordPress.

The themes seem to be centered around the kind of stories you might hear at an in-person WordCamp over a meal, all of the organic hookups that WordPress enthusiasts around the world have been looking for in the past 18 months. . It’s impossible to recreate online, but event organizers are committed to highlighting stories that “will help WordPress users succeed with WordPress, no matter how they use it.”

The deadline for nominating speakers has passed, but those who have been nominated can find a list of recommended topics on the presentation submission page. Recommendations include building blocks, building and using block templates, FSE (Full Site Editing), Why Businesses Should Prioritize Open Source Contribution, Inspirational WordPress Stories, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, e-commerce, SEO, etc.

The organizers appear determined to strengthen the community during this difficult year of predominantly online events. The thread submission page encourages speakers to find topics that will help users on a successful journey with WordPress:

As our programming goals this year are to create content that will help WordPress users be more successful with the platform, your first submission could ideally be focused on teaching users something they didn’t know when. ‘they signed up for WordCamp US 2021. We want to make sure the content covered at this year’s WCUS is memorable and shared, ensuring that whether it’s online, in person, or hybrid, all future WCUS events are considered not to be missed.

The deadline for submitting conference ideas is August 22, and potential speakers are limited to three ideas. Organizers receive hundreds of submissions each year (over 500 in 2018 and 2019) and speakers are encouraged to send only their best ideas. Selected speakers will be contacted by August 27 and announced on August 31. All sessions will be recorded prior to the event and recorded lectures are due September 23.

Tickets for WordCamp US went on sale this week. They are free but you must register on the registration page for your entry pass.

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