GoDaddy and Donté Colley honor Canada’s tireless shellfishers and young entrepreneurs for Small Business Month

In recent years, a growing number of young Canadians have turned new opportunities into income-generating side activities, fueled in large part by social media and the growing time spent online during the pandemic. For many, these businesses come to life even while juggling schoolwork and daytime jobs. Young digital natives are driving the popularity of online marketplaces, which inevitably requires a strong online presence. Research indicates that 60 percent of Canadians manage to supplement their income, and much of this is made possible by technology and market innovation.

“My lateral restlessness started in the small corridors of my Toronto at home and my online presence was equally limited. Now, with all my channels and content in one hub on my own GoDaddy website, I’ve taken my business and online presence to the next level. I still dance at home, but on a bigger scale than I ever imagined, ”said Colley. Its GoDaddy-powered website hosts everything related to its brand, including social media integration and an adaptable e-commerce store to sell merchandise.

“Donté’s personal and brand story has inspired many of us here at GoDaddy and we hope she will continue to inspire young Canadians to make their dreams come true,” said Anne of Aragon, Vice President and National Director of GoDaddy Canada. “The GoDaddy suite of digital products has proven to be a powerful solution for Donté’s online business and we are delighted to present these offerings through its cheerful and charismatic lens.”

While some Canadians have started side businesses during the global pandemic, small business owners have faced unprecedented obstacles in starting, maintaining and growing their businesses during this time. The related emotional toll can negatively impact the mental health of Canadians, and the Colley company’s and brand’s message of self-esteem, can be a welcome and important reminder. Before World Mental Health Day on October 10, Colley’s iconic dance moves mixed with a reliable dose of positivity with messages such as “Reminder: you are so iconic!” “And” Carry on! You get it, ”express the confidence and message in personal care that many small business owners can enjoy after a long period of economic uncertainty. This month, with a focus on small businesses as well, GoDaddy encourages Canadians to expand their support for their favorite Canadian small businesses and continue to rally with them.

“During my business trip, there were always people telling me that you can’t do what you love and make a business out of it. They were and continue to be wrong,” said Colley. “As an entrepreneur, it takes courage and resilience to pursue your passion. It is not always easy, especially for young people in this complicated economic climate. But it is worth it. no better way to take care of yourself than to allow yourself to do what you love every day.I want to encourage young Canadians to bring their ideas to life because you never know where it will take them.

The website ( is built on GoDaddy Managed WordPress, a streamlined and optimized hosting platform that helps customers build and manage a WordPress site, one of the most popular content management systems. and the most user-friendly in the world.

In addition to the WordPress platform managed by GoDaddy, GoDaddy’s suite of products and services includes GoDaddy Website Builder, an integrated suite of online tools that enables Canadians at all levels of convenience and at different stages of their professional journey, achieve their goals online. It’s a one-stop-shop to get started with easy and affordable website and e-commerce building tools that are integrated with digital marketing, SEO, and security protections.

GoDaddy Website Builder offers a wide selection of modern templates that meet unique business needs and includes built-in marketing tools to help businesses grow. Businesses can now sell their products on Amazon and eBay through GoDaddy Website Builder using the GoDaddy Online Store app, making it easier for small business owners to expand their eCommerce store offerings and find new customers to develop their business. When small business owners need help, GoDaddy Guides are available 24/7 via free phone support to answer questions along the way.

To encourage and inspire young Canadian scammers, Colley will organize an Instagram “takeover” on the @GoDaddyCanada account on October 19 after World Mental Health Day, recognized by the World Health Organization. It will feature an interactive question-and-answer segment in which Colley will offer advice on business, social media and ‘related activities’.

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