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At the heart of what makes the latest GoPro so much better than the older models is its new GP2 processor.

It’s the first chip upgrade in four years – and it was much needed. While the Hero 9 Black was great, its responsiveness was not. In addition to the overall speed increases in the menus, the Hero 10 can also download your footage 30% faster than the Hero 9, which makes a significant difference when talking about 5.3K video gigs. You can also directly connect your Hero to your smartphone for even faster downloads.

The camera also brings back the 23MP high-resolution sensor introduced last year, which, in tandem with the GP2, offers unparalleled shooting options. Even at high resolution and high frame rates, the Hero 10 Black records photos and videos much faster than previous generation devices, so you won’t have to wait to resume shooting. which is essential for an action camera.

The photos of the Hero 10 are also improved, although we do not recommend it as a camera; your smartphone is likely to outperform it. One area where we had a problem was taking HDR photos in heavily backlit scenes. Dark areas can contain a lot of grain, which appears to be something that should be fixable with a software update.

Paired with a GoPro subscription (£ 50 per year), the Hero 10 Black can automatically ping files on your smartphone and they can be automatically saved to the cloud. GoPro has also brought back live streaming, voice control, webcam mode, and compatibility with all Hero 9 mods, which is great for anyone looking for flexible upgrades.

The Hero 10 Black’s battery is less excellent. With the new frame rates paired with the more powerful GP2 processor, the continuous shooting time is lower than the Hero 9. I want to grab some spare batteries (useful, the Hero 10 Black uses the same batteries as the Hero 9). Alternatively, you can use a USB-C power bank to keep working (although this requires the battery cover to remain open, voiding the camera’s water resistance).

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