Heavy metals lower blood pressure, reduce stress: study

Apparently it’s heavy on metal, but weak on negative health effects.

Listening to heavy metal music is actually pretty good for the heart, new research has found. While this is by no means the first time that a study has observed this phenomenon, the results are nevertheless intriguing.

Loudwire Reports that the Vera Clinic – the Turkish cosmetic surgery clinic that conducted the study – found that listening to the musical genre helps lower blood pressure and even reduce stress levels.

“The results may seem surprising on the first inspection, but medically they make a lot of sense,” says study leader Dr Omer Avlanmis. “With regard to heavy metal, I would observe that angry music can help listeners to assimilate their feelings and therefore lead to greater well-being.”

In order to obtain these results, the clinic observed 1,540 respondents between the ages of 18 and 65 who had undergone various mental stress tests. While undergoing these tests, the clinic asked respondents to listen to Spotify playlists made up of different genres (metal included) in order to gauge their psychological reactions to each.

The researchers found that when it came to listening to heavy metal playlists, 18% of respondents showed a reduction in heart rate. Another 89 percent even experienced a decrease in blood pressure.

In fact, only 11% of respondents had a increase in blood pressure while detonating heavy metal sounds. By comparison, genres such as techno resulted in higher blood pressure for 78% of respondents.

The moral of the study: keep calm and detonate Metallica.

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