Here are the top YouTube earnings in 2020

Remember when a survey showed that a group of children between 8 and 12
“Aspired” to become vloggers and YouTube stars instead of – say – astronauts.

The news cycle certainly had a good laugh about it. But if you look Forbes“ The highest paid YouTube stars in 2020, that makes sense.

1. Ryan Kaji (revenue = $ 29.5 million; subscribers = $ 42 million)

Ryan’s toy unboxes, science experiments, and other things you do as a (comically rich) 9-year-old brought in 12B views. The young YouTuber is turning that attention into a media empire.

Source: YouTube

2. MrBeast ($ 24 million; $ 48 million)

22-year-old Jimmy Donaldson (aka MrBeast) is the master of what investor Blake Robbins calls “the Jenga storytelling” – as in, you know how something will end but you have to watch it through.

Some video examples:

  • “I gave people $ 1,000,000, but only 1 minute to spend it!”
  • “Go through the same drive-thru 1000 times”
  • “The last to remove his hand gets a Lamborghini”

(PS. Yesterday Mr. Beast reached the top of the App Store with “Mr. Beast Burger», A network of 300 hamburger restaurants across America that actually dropshipping burgers)

3. Perfect Guy ($ 23 million; $ 58 million)

A team of 5 brothers who do absurd stunts, like Go Kart paintball and challenge NFL players to a football skills competition.

Source: Tubefilter

4. Rhett and Link ($ 20 million; $ 42 million)

A comedy duo (Rhett McLaughlin, 43, Charles Lincoln III, 42) who started with a cheesy talk show in 2012, but turned their YouTube empire into a 100-employee operation.

Going to # 8: Blippi ($ 17 million; $ 27 million)

I put this here because I have personally watched over 100 Hours of Blippi – think, “Mr. Rogers for YouTube ”- with my little one this year.

Source: Gyfcat

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