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Check how to fix ‘502 Bad Gateway Error’

A 502 bad gateway error means that the web server you are connected to is acting as a proxy to pass information from another server, but received an incorrect response from that other server. The error is called 502 because it is the HTTP status code used by the web server to describe this type of error. It is possible that the server is overloaded or there are network problems between the two servers and it is only a temporary problem. It is also possible that there is a misconfigured firewall or a programming error, and the issue will not be resolved until these issues are resolved.

As with 404 errors, web designers can customize the appearance of a 502 error. As a result, you may see different 502 pages on different websites. In the vast majority of cases, this is a server-side error that you can’t do anything about. Sometimes it’s a temporary bug, but sometimes it’s not. Still, there are a few things you can try for yourself.

Fixed ‘502 Bad Gateway Error’ issue

Refresh the page

The first solution is quite simple: wait a minute or two and refresh the page you are on. In many cases, the error stems from a sudden increase in traffic. So a simple page refresh will usually do the trick. For a shortcut, Windows users can press F5 or CTRL+F5, while Mac users can press CMD+R.

You can also try to check if the website is offline using an online tool, such as Website Planet or Host Tracker. This will help identify if a server or client side issue is causing the error.

Clear browser cache

If the error persists, your browser’s cache may have stored outdated and corrupted files. In this case, clearing the browser cache can fix an HTTP 502 Bad Gateway error.

Please note that by clearing the cache, you may lose important browser data, including bookmarks and configuration preferences. To avoid this, simply export your data from the browser and import it later.

Try in private browsing mode

Accessing the website in incognito mode is also a good idea, as this helps determine if you are getting the http 502 error message due to a browser-related issue. To open an incognito window, click the three dots button on your browser screen and select New incognito window.

If the error does not occur in incognito mode, the problem may be caused by a browser extension. With that in mind, try phasing out your plugins or extensions. Once you remove the one causing the error, you should be able to access the website.

If disabling extensions doesn’t help, try opening another browser. For example, if you’re currently on Google Chrome, try using Mozilla Firefox. When the page loads normally in the new browser, your old browser may be causing the error. To fix the problem, try removing and reinstalling your faulty browser.

Flush DNS

The 502 Bad Gateway error can also occur due to DNS issues such as bad IP addresses and unresponsive DNS servers. In this case, clearing your DNS cache may be the solution. This method works the same way as clearing your browser’s cache. It will delete bad files from your DNS server.

Temporarily changing your DNS servers is another step you can take. By default, your DNS servers are assigned by your ISP. However, you can always replace it with a third-party server, like Google Public DNS.

Try on another device

If none of the solutions above fixed the HTTP 502 error, try connecting on another computer or mobile device, preferably connected to another network.

Try restarting your PC and other network equipment. To do this, turn off your computer and unplug your wireless router. Wait a moment and reconnect them. This step helps you decide if the error is related to your network equipment or if the problem lies elsewhere.

Check error log

When you encounter a 502 Bad Gateway error after a particular change or update, the fault may lie with your own server. The best approach to solving this problem is to check your error log. Your hosting service usually provides access to enable website error logging through an admin panel. You can also enable error logging on your WordPress site by adding the following lines to wp-config.php:

set(‘WP_DEBUG’, true); set(‘WP_DEBUG_LOG’, true); set(‘WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY’, false);

Any errors generated will appear in the wp-contents/debug.log file, allowing you to spot which ones are causing a 502 Bad Gateway error.

Check plugins and themes

Sometimes faulty plugins or themes can be one of the reasons for a 502 Bad Gateway error. This is because poorly coded plugins and themes can conflict with each other. When this happens, your server stops all scripts and requests to your website, making it inaccessible.

For some websites, the problem usually stems from caching or security plugins. Chances are that these plugins are blocking communication between servers, which will cause the error to persist. If you haven’t installed any caching or security plugins, but you are still getting an HTTP 502 error, it’s best to disable your plugins and re-enable them one by one. To do this, go to Plugins and simply click on Disable in the Bulk Actions menu.

Then activate each plugin while updating your WordPress site after each. Once the 502 error reappears, you have found the problematic plugin. However, if you cannot access your WordPress control panel, you can try disabling them from your hosting panel or FTP program. Navigate to the wp-content directory and rename the plugins directory, for example plugins-disable. If you’re using Hostinger, go to your hPanel and click Files. From there go to File Manager -> public_html -> wp-content.

Once your site is up and running after disabling all plugins, you can rename the folder to plugins. Then try to activate the plugins one by one to determine which caused the error first. If the website still isn’t working, follow the same steps with your WordPress themes.

Check the status of the site

If the 502 error persists despite trying most methods so far, the origin server may be down. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools on the web to check if a site is down, including Down for Everyone or Just Me and IsItDown. Just enter your URL and check your website status.

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