Joby updates its range of affordable tripods and stands with a new option

Joby has added the Podzilla – a flexible, compact entry-level tripod available in a range of colors to its range. Additionally, the popular tripod brand has also introduced a new line of full-size tripods / monopods.

The Joby Compact range offers 4 options: Compact Light, Compact Action, Compact Advanced and a 2in1 monopod. The Compact Light Kit also includes a phone clip while the Compact Action and Compact Advanced can be purchased as individual units or as kits with the phone clip.

The Joby Podzilla takes the more familiar Joby tripod design with its compact size, ball head and flexibility. Two size options are available in a variety of colors.

Pricing and availability

Both tripod collections are available from today (5 October 2021) with suggested retail prices ranging from £ 52.95 to £ 109.95.

You can read more about Joby below.

From Joby:

Compact lighting kit

To ensure that content creators around the world have access to the best compact tripod options, JOBY is excited to announce their new full line of full-size tripods, JOBY Compact. Offering feature-rich options that work with both conventional cameras and smartphones, these lightweight and strong tripods and monopods allow vloggers to set up stable, rugged and versatile platforms for content creation on the go. . They are designed to be incredibly light, so they are easy to add to any mobile kit. Options include the GripTight 360 phone mount which allows users to switch from landscape to portrait mode in seconds.

There are four members of the JOBY Compact family consisting of three tripods and a monopod, each designed for different shooting styles, locations and content creation.

The compact JOBY lamp

Simple, easy to set up and incredibly user-friendly, the JOBY Compact Light is the perfect choice for vlogging and content creation on the go. It’s the practical compromise between a mini tripod and a full size tripod and its light weight allows you to use it on the go.

It’s lightweight at just 0.81kg, offering full-size options in a compact design. It can support a payload of up to 1.5kg and comes with a cell phone holder so users can add lights, microphones and a wide range of JOBY options to create a complete TikTok setup in just a few minutes. seconds.

In seconds, you can attach your camera via the quick dial and the universal 1/4 ” camera mount. With the integrated ball head and unique adjustment knob, you can quickly lock the camera in place and be ready to shoot.

The compact JOBY action tripod

Get ready to create dynamic photo or video content with this action-oriented option. A perfect match for other products in the JOBY line, the Compact Action features the same QR plate as the genre-defining BallHead 3K, found on the GorillaPod 3K kit.

The JOBY Compact Action Tripod features an ergonomic joystick head with an intuitive and easy-to-use scroll wheel locking mechanism for maximum sturdiness. It also has a comfortable grip, allowing you to capture smoother photos and images effortlessly. With the photo / movie selection button, you can switch from photo mode to movie mode in a second, so you never miss an important photo or video opportunity.

In the kit version (JOBY Compact Action Kit), a unique rotating phone clamp is present, with cold shoe holders at both ends for full versatility.

2 in 1 monopod

The JOBY Compact Advanced

Take vlogging to the next level with the Compact Advanced. Packed with innovative features, it is designed to easily accommodate compact mirrorless cameras and digital SLRs. The 3-way head allows users to tilt and swivel for professional results, while the QR BallHead 3K is the same used on the popular GorillaPod 3K kit, making it interchangeable with the entire range of kits. JOBY. Its 3 kg capacity allows users to swap parts and add equipment without losing stability.

In the kit version (JOBY Compact Advanced Kit), a unique rotating phone clamp is present, with cold shoe holders at both ends for full versatility.

The compact 2-in-1 JOBY monopod

When space is an issue, or if content requires that simplicity and dynamism “on the go”, the JOBY 2-in-1 Compact Monopod is the answer. This optional monopod has a weight capacity of 1kg and a compact ball head to create the ultimate selfie stick. For action shots, a Pin-Joint mount is also provided. The 4-section design features lever legs that extend or retract in seconds. Weighing just 0.28kg, the 2-in-1 Monopod is the ultimate lightweight monopod option that works with almost all cameras and cellphones.

Joby Podzilla – Flexible fun and reliable performance for ambitious content creators


As more and more people discover how easy it is to create their own content, the demand for high-quality entry-level equipment is increasing. To meet this increased demand, JOBY introduced the Podzilla line, beautiful flexible tripods designed for creators of new and developing content. They feature new technology that makes them simple yet effective flexible tripods suitable for use in almost any situation.

The functional flexible design incorporates a strong, strong and durable aluminum core, covered with a grippy, flexible and easy to position rubber exterior. Because each leg is fully articulated, vloggers can achieve a stable, level platform for recording, even over rough terrain.

Podzilla Medium

The Podzilla Medium Kit is simple to use, incorporating a locking ¼-20 “wheel mount with push-button adjustment. It is designed to work with compact hybrid and bridge cameras and smartphones, thanks to the GripTight phone holder 360 included. Spring-loaded rotation allows user to easily switch between portrait and landscape format. JOBY has also added colors to meet the demand of young content creators, so the PodZilla ™ Medium Kit is available in four colors. different: gray, red, teal and yellow.

Podzilla Large

For users who want something a little more substantial, the PodZilla Large is the answer. This big brother measures 31.5 x 5.5 x 7.3 cm (compared to the dimensions of 25 x 4.8 x 5.4 cm of the Medium) and its ¼-20 “stand is designed to withstand loads ranging from up to 2.5 kg The compact QR plate allows for easy attachment of gears and the built-in bubble level allows users to fine-tune positioning to achieve a perfectly flat surface for more professional content.

Also available in the kit version, Podzilla Large Kit, including the GripTight 360 phone holder, can contain lights and microphones for a full vlogging setup with your phone.

Everything in Podzilla is designed to be fast, easy to use, and reliable, making it easy to produce professional-quality content. It is super fast and easy to connect lights, microphones and cameras or cell phones, allowing the user to create content in any situation. The Podzilla can be paired with Beamo ™ and Wavo ™ equipment, creating a compact and versatile package for vloggers, influencers and content creators on the go.

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