Julien Solomita bio: age, net worth, height, who is Jenna Marbles partner?

Julien Solomita bio: age, net worth, height, who is Jenna Marbles partner?

Julien Solomita is a writer, vegan cook, musician, professional gamer and ghost hunter. He is gluten intolerant. Asus is its current sponsor. A burrito with brown rice, sofritas and Brussels sprouts is her favorite Chipotle order. Julien creates many wonders in his kitchen Aries, which can be seen on his widely acclaimed cooking channel, “julien solomita”, accessible on YouTube.

Julien Solomita: Profile Summary

Full Name Julien Noé Solomita
Age 29
Date of Birth April 17, 1992
Horoscope Ram
Place of birth Stanford, California
Job YouTuber
Net value $100,000 – $1M
Marital status Meet
Height 5′ 11″
Ethnicity White
Nationality American
Mass 170 pounds (77 kg)
Hair color Dark brown
Eye colour Blue

Julien Solomita: beginning of life

Julien Solomita was born in Northern California. He spent his childhood in Los Angeles after moving there when he was 4 years old. He loves baseball and wants to play professionally, but an accident to his right arm caused a spinal injury. He has since recovered.

He worked at a radio station where his interest in media began. During his years as a bartender, he met Jenna.

Julien Solomita: age and date of birth

Julien Solomita’s date of birth is April 17, 1992., at University Hospital in Stamford, California, USA. He is the second born in a family of three. The star has older sister Roxana and a younger brother named Malon.

Julian Solomita: why he is so special

Julien Solomita, a college graduate with a degree in news and television journalism, has always been interested in getting behind the camera and producing creative content. As his vlogging channel grew and he gained a large following, he found much more interest in expanding his types of content by experimenting with different types of videos. He is best known for his timelapse videos and vlogs. He also loves music and enjoys experimenting with the video and audio content he creates. Once, while on vacation in Las Vegas, he discovered that he had an app on his phone that allowed him to record his voice and turn it into different beats. By playing around with the app for about half an hour, he created a track that was totally unlike any genre of music available. He calls it the Nightmare Song, which captures a person’s “strange” mood swings in the form of a song. He even released a full album on iTunes with 17 of these tracks. While his fans mostly loved the album, he said many people hated it too, including his own parents and the parents of many of his fans. However, he considers it an art form and says the reaction he received is exactly what he hoped to get.

Julian Solomita: How he met Jenna Marbles

Ever since the duo went public with their relationship, fans have become very curious as to how they met and what first attracted them to each other. The YouTubers who had wanted to keep things away from the prying eyes of the media when it came to their relationship finally gave in to their adoring fans around the world by disclosing some of the requested items on their relationship timeline. Julien Solomita met Jenna Mourey when he was still in high school. From there, he worked as a bartender for AMP Radio Studios.

Fast forward to a few years later, Julien who needed another job ended up being hired as Jenna Marbles’ bodyguard. The two then went on a trip to Ireland together. It was during their stay that their feelings and affections gradually developed. In no time, the couple began to develop an affinity for each other and they started a relationship in February 2013, however, they never went public until four months later in June. of the same year (2013). Their beautiful chemistry has endeared them as one of YouTube’s cutest couples.

They soon launched a combined YouTube channel together in July 2014, where they upload videos and podcasts ranging from random daily problems as well as pranks they play on each other. An example of this is the video where Jenna, 5ft 5in tall, takes Julien’s brain over various musical sounds (songs) in an attempt to get Julien to say the names of the artists.

Having a working relationship with someone you have a romantic relationship with can be quite risky, but the duo seem to be doing well so far. They frequently travel together to exotic locations, making videos of the events which they in turn share with their loyal fans and of course photos on their social media.

Julien, who is 5ft 9in tall, is not only famous as a Youtuber with over 2.1 million subscribers to his channel, but he is also the co-founder of Waffsicle, a production company. The firm takes care of the moderation of online content. Jenna Marbles, for her part, has over 19.9 million subscribers to her channel which has a massive view of over 3.1 billion viewers.

Julien Solomita: Career

Julien Solomita has a successful career as a YouTuber. He joined YouTube six years ago on December 8, 2012. The first videos he uploaded were about working out and exercising. He posted his first video, “Dead-lift PR”, three months after joining YouTube on March 16, 2013.

Not only is the star a YouTuber, but he’s also a Vlogger. He released his first Vlog, “I’m On My Bike”, on April 3, 2013.

The media personality’s YouTube channel currently has 2.53 million subscribers and over 400 million views.

Julien is a YouTube personality, vlogger, singer and producer. He is best known for producing Eat Clay Love, an H3 podcast, and sports.

Although the media personality now lives in Los Angeles, the 29-year-old was born in California, USA at Stamford University Hospital. The artist celebrates his birthday on April 17.

Julien Solomita was born to three children: two boys and a girl. He is the second born. Her older sister is Roxanne, while her younger brother is Marlon.

Growing up, the future YouTube star faced a tough challenge when her parents separated. he was in first grade. As a young boy, Julien loved to play baseball; after joining Chapman University, his wish to play on the campus baseball team was cut short as he got injured.

Julien started his YouTube career in 2012, posting his first video on March 16, 2012. His channel has since grown and he boasts a massive 2.53 million subscribers.

“The massive blue UFO over Los Angeles” and “Our dogs after the dentist” are among his popular videos. He has also made various videos with his girlfriend, Jenna Marbles.

Before joining Youtube, the famous content creator worked as a bartender. He also worked as a programmer at an AMP radio station.

The YouTuber also dabbled in music by releasing an album in 2014. The album was titled “Nightmare Fuel” and featured 17 tracks. It is available on iTunes.

Julien Solomita and his fellow Vloggers, Joshua David Evans and Arnold Talagaata form a musical group called “shadows”. In April 2015, they released a music video called “Vlog with me”.

At some point in her life, the famous star was diagnosed with celiac disease. He developed digestive problems as a result.

Julien Solomita: Anecdotes

  • Julien is trilingual, fluent in English, French and Spanish
  • Julien is the owner and founder of Peloton bikes
  • Julien’s actual deadlift PR is 669 pounds with the addition of Bobby on the bar during a backyard lift session.
  • Julien is half-Jewish, so he, Jenna, and the dogs celebrate Hanukkah.
  • He takes Jiu Jitsu classes.
  • He graduated from Chapman University in Orange County, California.
  • Julien is amazing at Celebrity Trivia as seen in the Podcast, he also believes that Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock and Anne Hathaway are the same person. Even when Jenna shows him pictures of them, he can’t seem to tell them apart, as they are indeed the same person.
  • Mentioned earlier, Julien has celiac disease. Plus, he’s vegan like Jenna. This makes it difficult for them to get food from outside, as they have to look for both vegan and gluten-free foods. Thus, they often cook food at home.
  • Julien’s favorite dish is pad thai.
  • Julien loves to eat brown rice

Julien Solomita: net worth

Julien Solomita has a net worth of $1.5 million. Most of that stems from being a YouTuber since 2012. The media personality’s YouTube channel has over 2.53 million subscribers and over 400 million views.

He makes different videos and uploads them. Initially, his videos focused on exercise and fitness, but he has since incorporated other topics. He reportedly earns $140,000 a year from his channel.

Besides YouTube, Julien is also a director, vlogger and singer. These serve as additional sources of income for the talented star. He won the 9and annual award for best vlogger of the year.

Along with two other Vloggers, they released a music video titled “Vlog with me” in 2015. The YouTuber also operates a weekly podcast with his girlfriend, Jenna, which earns him additional income.

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