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WordPress developer Keanan Koppenhaver today announced that it has acquired WP Pusher and Branch from Peter Suhm. WP Pusher, a product we’ve been covering for six years, allows users to deploy plugins and themes from popular code hosting services like GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket. In 2018, Suhm expanded its offering to include Branch, a Docker-based continuous integration service for WordPress. Both products were selected for the TinySeed Startup Accelerator, a remote accelerator that funds early stage SaaS founders to live for a year and focus full-time on their startups.

“I raised money from TinySeed and a few angel investors to build Branch, but I couldn’t find enough traction to get it to a point where it would be sustainable,” Suhm said.

Earlier this year, Suhm started working on, a forms builder. He described Branch as a A ‘set it and forget it’ product that didn’t require much assistance as it had closed it for new registrations. WP Pusher also required minimal support and had been stable for years.

“It wasn’t really the weather that was a problem for me, it was more the mental overload of having the responsibility,” said Suhm.

“I quickly realized that Reform was probably a better fit for my goals and wanted to focus 100% on starting this business. Selling WP Pusher and Branch allowed me to work on Reform, without necessarily needing to raise funds or have a job.

Unlike the eruption of small WordPress product companies that have been taken over by bigger ones in recent times, WP Pusher and Branch will retain their “independent” status. The products are transferred from Suhm’s one-man business to another.

“I knew Keanan because we had been working for a while to get his agency into Branch and I knew he was a great guy,” Suhm said. “I wouldn’t sell WP Pusher to anyone, because that’s basically what I’m known for in the WordPress space and its reputation means a lot to me.”

Koppenhaver was on the hunt for a WordPress product to acquire when tagged in replies to Suhm’s tweet. He didn’t have the money available, so he spent some time fundraising to close the deal.

“I look forward to integrating GitHub Actions with WP Pusher, focusing enough on the tutorials and content for both products, reopening Branch for new users, and resuming the Billable Hours podcast,” Koppenhaver said.

When asked if he is planning any pricing changes for WP Pusher, he replied, “Not at this time.” Existing customers cannot expect any changes at this time and may even see improvements to their current plans.

“I definitely want to focus on filling in the gaps that current users see in the product and in particular adding value to higher level plans,” Koppenhaver said.

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