“Less than a dollar, is it expensive?” : YouTuber’s video negotiation for street snack in Jaipur sparks online debate

India remains one of the first countries to attract tourists from all over the world every year, whether for its culture or its historical monuments. And a big part of the Indian experience is sampling traditional Indian food and street food. However, a recent video by a vlogger has started a serious conversation online about foreigners paying more than locals. At the center of the debate is a video of star Scottish poker player and YouTuber Dale Philip.

Philip, who has traveled extensively around the world, has established himself as a well-known backpacker sharing his candid experiences. While visiting some of the world’s most famous cities, he also often shares tips to avoid scammers and scammers to warn other travelers. In one such recent TikTok clip, he pointed out how street vendors can often charge strangers far more than the actual price. Although he managed to get his way at a “fair price”, few people were impressed by his negotiating skills.

In a TikTok video from his Jaipur diary, Philip is seen leisurely walking, enjoying the afternoon, when he suddenly spots a young food vendor. Intrigued by the small balls on a huge plate that a young salesman is carrying, Philip stops to ask if it is something sweet.

Due to the language gap, while the young boy fails to explain in English the taste of the item, he somehow manages to name it. “Loblachi”, we hear the young man say, following his price, “Two pieces for Rs 100”. Shocked by the price, Philip is heard gasping and almost screaming in shock that it is very expensive. Realizing he might be losing a customer, the waiter immediately cuts the price in half. However, Philip is not satisfied, saying, “It’s too expensive, my friend.”

As he tries to walk away, the young salesman calls him and offers to sell one piece for only Rs 10. Even though the boy tries to sell two, Philip refuses buying only one, not knowing if he will like it or not. Curious, we see him eating it and being pleasantly surprised by comparing it to cotton candy. He pays another extra bill of Rs 10 to the boy, not for a second room but to be his cameraman.

Although he loved the food, he was unimpressed with the experience, concluding his video by saying, “What a cheek. Charge me 100 for two rooms. Try with the white man’s price.

While the viral video, with over 25 million views and nearly 2 million likes, didn’t really bother anyone on TikTok, on Twitter it opened up a different conversation. Many were angry with Philip and criticized him for being “obnoxious” and “lean”. People argued that bearing in mind the currency gap, why was it difficult for Westerners to pay a fair price in their own currency when travel abroad.

While most people were furious online, there were also a few who were supportive of Philip.

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