Lolo Ezung: the journey of a vlogger

Lolo Ezung

Lothunglo Ezung started his YouTube channel “Lolo Ezung” to share Naga Lifestyle, cooking, tutorials, DIY and shopping experiences with the aim of spreading positivity through his videos.

Her vlogging journey started when she uploaded a home garden clip on the video-sharing platform. The positive feedback from viewers encouraged her to create more content, and today her channel has garnered over a lakh subscribers with 1,01,62,888 views.

Here’s what the video content creator shared about her journey in an exclusive interview with Eastern Mirror.

Eastern Mirror: What motivated you to create a YouTube channel?

Ezung: Well, a lot of people motivated and influenced me to start my YouTube journey and of course having a passion for it also helps.

After my PG course I came back to my home town and I wasn’t doing much, just sitting around the house and then the idea hit me. So one day I randomly recorded my garden and posted and then people started liking it. The positive feedback I received from viewers encouraged me to post more videos and that’s how the journey began.

Eastern Mirror: Did you think about audience when you uploaded your first video?

Ezung: To be very honest, I didn’t really think about audience when I started. I was doing something that I really enjoyed and was passionate about, so nothing discouraged me. But now that the public is more and more numerous, it is also necessary to work and act according to the choice and the request of the spectator sometimes.

Eastern Mirror: Now that your channel has grown to over 107,000 subscribers, do you have a team or do you edit as well?

Ezung: I am my own manager, editor and videographer. However, whenever I need advice or a helping hand, my family is my team.

Eastern Mirror: From your experience, do you think full-time vlogging in Nagaland can be financially viable?

Ezung: I can’t guarantee that for everyone, because YouTube depends on viewers and lucky is the one who can market their channel.

Few of us do it out of passion, so profit or loss doesn’t matter much. But if someone comes with the intention of making money and getting rich, I definitely wouldn’t recommend it.

As a content creator myself, how we reach audiences is very important.

We could invest a lot of time and energy creating content that people don’t like and that can be frustrating. Sometimes it’s the kind of content I like and sometimes it’s the viewer’s choice.

However, I think it’s a risky profession, so it’s up to the person whether they want to pursue vlogging full time or not.

Eastern Mirror: When you started making videos, did you encounter any setbacks?

Ezung: Yes, there are a lot of setbacks and discouragements, but one thing that keeps me going and moving forward in life is that no matter what happens to me, this is my story and my passion. Someone’s opinion does not define me. Somewhere deep inside me, I tell myself that this kind of lifestyle is not for everyone.

Eastern Mirror: Your content includes Naga lifestyle, cooking, tutorials, crafts and shopping. If you had the choice to focus on just one, what would you choose?

Ezung: I am passionate about many things but if I had to choose one I would pick tutorials which can include cooking or even about our culture and way of life.

Eastern Mirror: What do you enjoy most about being a vlogger?

Ezung: Meeting new faces, new places, new ideas and inspirations for my next video are the coolest things about what I do.

Eastern Mirror: The Nagaland vloggers who influenced you the most.

Ezung: No one in particular but the content I share is mainly Naga lifestyle and my inspiration comes from a Chinese woman named Liziqi who shares similar interests and about her Chinese culture and lifestyles.

Eastern Mirror: If you had to collaborate with a vlogger from Nagaland, who would it be?

Ezung: I believe among Naga people, Kents Vlog is one of those up-and-coming vloggers who love food and share our rich Naga cuisine with the world. I would definitely like to collaborate and learn and taste the secret recipes he shares one day.

Eastern Mirror: Who is your favorite YouTuber and why?

Ezung: My favorite right now is Michelle Choi. She is a formidable YouTuber and social media star, who has captivated her audience in an impressive way with her content as a fashion enthusiast and her daily vlogs about living alone. She exploits her lifestyle, promotes various beauty brands, single dairies, food dairies, tutorials, skincare, and more.

Eastern Mirror: How long does it take on average to make a video and what is your weekly goal?

Ezung: I usually take a day or two depending on the workload. But some content like growing vegetables or gardening takes months because you have to wait for the final results.

My goal per week is to release at least 2 videos.

Eastern Mirror: If you could be anyone else for a day, who would it be and why?

Ezung: Never mind! I never thought about it, but if given a chance, I would like to be like my father for a day. I really wonder where he gets all his energy from because I’ve never seen him get tired. He is always active and energetic.

Eastern Mirror: What equipment would you recommend to a newcomer?

Ezung: To be a YouTube creator, we must have basic knowledge of video production. Each designer has their own process, based on their style and goals. Many people nowadays can use their cell phone as a camera and if you are looking for budget equipment, all you need is your cell phone, good lighting, a tripod, an editing app.

Don’t wait for your million dollar gear! Start now and practice with everything you have and improve with each video.

Eastern Mirror: Message for anyone considering starting vlogging Ezung: First of all, thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to share my journey and to all my supporters out there, I just want to say that I am grateful and thank you to all of you. Our efforts would be in vain without your love and support. The positive energy and encouragement from viewers means the world to me.

It’s awesome that there are so many new creators coming up doing such great work and it’s a proud moment for all of us.

YouTube is a foreign culture for us Nagas. So, it is important to know its pros and cons and make a wise decision before it spreads on the internet. If we are prepared, nothing will harm you or discourage you. We need to be sane and prepared because we can’t always expect good things to happen.

As the world goes digital, YouTube is having a big impact on the advancement of technology. We can have a significant impact on uplifting society by creating a supportive society if we use this platform wisely.

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