Only BBM can issue policies

“At this point, presidential candidates should get it in their heads that they are only alter egos of the president and should not make any political statements without first getting Malacanang’s consent”

Santa Banana, new National Security Advisor, Clarita Carlos, has issued statements regarding National Security which in my opinion are premature as I do not believe they have the approval of President-elect Bongbong Marcos!

For example, Carlos reportedly said, “We’re done with peace talks with the Communists.”

The connotation of such a statement is that Bongbong Marcos has decided not to talk to communists.

Obviously, my gulay, the implication is that as far as the Marcos Jr. administration is concerned, the door is closed to the communist movement.

In the first place, Carlos forgets that when it comes to her nomination, she is only an adviser, which means that it will be the president who makes such a political statement.

While Carlos may think that further peace talks with the communist movement would be pointless, fruitless and a great waste of time and effort given that communists use peace talks purely for propaganda purposes, this is not not the national security adviser who should issue such statements, but the incoming president himself.

Carlos is only a security advisor. Clearly, Carlos doesn’t realize his National Security Advisor job description and what it entails.

Carlos added that the “red flag” should be stopped by the government. Again, it is not for Carlos to make this statement as it involves other branches of government and needs to be reviewed by them.

First, it is a political statement that only the incoming president can and should make.

At this point, presidential candidates should get it into their heads that they are only alter egos of the president and should not make any political statements without first obtaining Malacanang’s consent.

It should be clear to Carlos and other candidates what their job description entails.

And it should be made clear by the new executive secretary that only the president can make political and political decisions and political statements.

Likewise, whether or not to accredit bloggers and vloggers to attend presidential press conferences and other activities is a matter of policy that only a president can make.

The insistence of new press secretary Trixie Cruz Angeles, who also heads the presidential office of communications operations, on accrediting bloggers and vloggers may be an effort by the new press secretary to encourage the new president, but a extensive analysis of the designated press secretary’s plan is patently dangerous and a clear insult to the president’s mass media — print, radio and television — accreditation activities.

Accrediting bloggers and vloggers to presidential activities, coverage and press activities will open the floodgates to people without accountability contrary to all principles of journalistic activities, Santa Banana!

This is clearly dangerous because bloggers and vloggers can say anything online that journalists are restricted to because they are bound by truth and objectivity.

Santa Banana is like opening the floodgates for people to say whatever they want regardless of the truth that journalists are bound to observe and live by, my gulay!

I don’t know what President-elect Bongbong thinks about it, but endorsing the plan of the designated press secretary would not only be very dangerous. As I said, this is clearly an insult to the Filipino media.

This is what happens when someone ignores the relationship of the press secretary and the mass media, which is a long-standing relationship, which bloggers and vloggers don’t have with the mass media.

They just say what they mean, true or not, because they are not bound by the truth, in which case misinformation or misinformation results.

I hate to say that. But designated press secretary Trixie Cruz Angeles is definitely unaware of what her job entails, not only to continue presidential communications with the media and to improve the president’s activities and messaging, but more importantly to cement the PCOO’s relationship with the mass media.

That’s what happens when someone like Angeles becomes a publicist – clearly unaware of what his job entails.

Other presidents before BBM used to appoint well-known and respected members of the media as press officers.

Mass media press secretaries have the skill and experience to deepen the president’s relationship with the press.

With this as a background, a press officer gets cooperation from all forms of mass media.

But then, with a president-elect like Angeles who already doesn’t know what the job of press secretary entails, to improve the president’s relationship with the mass media, a president is in danger and would actually insult the mass media. .

Like I said, President-elect Bongbong had better place Angeles or appoint her to another position.

All of Bongbong’s other nominations have been well received by the media with the exception of Angeles, a blogger herself, who is seeking accreditation for bloggers and vloggers, which could be a big deal for the president. elected.


There were reactions to my previous column suggesting a way to legalize townhouse ownership in Ecology Village, now sitting on the former government-owned Napocor power line alongside the villages of San Lorenzo and Dasmarinas in Makati City.

The townhouse unit owners technically became squatters when Gov. Cory Aquino terminated the townhouse lease with the government.

Some have proposed that the country’s big conglomerates take over and buy out the government’s ownership with the takeover of the owners of the townhouses which have been valued between 10 and 15 million pesos, depending on the improvement.

They point out that Manuel Villar, now the richest Filipino tycoon, or San Miguel, or Ricky Razon, or Andrew Tan of Megaworld, can easily redeem the property and turn it into a big business establishment.

Frankly, since the government needs funds, why not privatize Napocor’s main power line.

Makes sense. I’m sure there will be conglomerates bidding for the privatization of Napocor’s power line, including townhouses and mine, at the right price.

This will resolve the ecological anomaly.

With this privatization, the owners of these townhouses, now in their twilight years, will be able to sell their units.

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