Popular Brazilian family vloggers tour Croatia – great destination for families with kids

Popular vloggers “Cris Pelo Mundo” have spent the past two weeks filming the beauties of Croatia. In 17 days, Brazilian vloggers and Youtubers visited 14 different destinations and learned about Croatia’s rich cultural, gastronomic and natural resources.

“Cris Pelo Mundo” is also featured on the Travel Box Brazil pay TV channel, which reaches over 14 million families interested in traveling the world, and ranks fifth among target audience in Brazil – families looking for inspiration for their next trip.

The vlogging team consists of TV presenter Cris Stilben, her husband Igor Duarte, TV presenter, their son Emmanuel, TV presenter, photographer Mirian Molinero and cameraman Raphael Bellizzi.

“Croatia is truly a complete experience, it has it all! Great history, beautiful unspoiled nature, good infrastructure and it is a very good destination for families with children. We are in awe of everything we have seen” , said Cris Stilben. While Igor Duarte said that “We enjoyed every step of discovering Croatia and we were amazed by the ideal combination of historical and cultural heritage with natural beauty”, Igor Duarte.

The entire filming project in Croatia was designed by Marilia de Oliveira, a Brazilian living in Karlovac and owner of the travel agency Marzito Travel. In addition to launching the entire project during this trip, Marilia was in charge of all the logistics, translation and support.

“Unfortunately we only had 17 days to film the whole series and I think we did a little miracle by visiting 14 destinations, I am very happy and proud of these projects and of all the partners of the tourist office , of the Croatian National Tourist Office, restaurants, hotels and caterers who have supported us and made this great project possible.Despite the pandemic year, the project has shown that with the joint efforts of all employees of the tourism, we can present Croatia in its best light, ”said the Brazilian team.

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