Public urged not to attack journalists covering 2022 candidates

(Photo by Mike Ramirez from Pixabay)

A photojournalist has called on the public to refrain from attacking journalists who have been tasked with covering 2022 election bets they do not prefer.

Photojournalist Ezra Acayan made this call after a reporter broadcast Karen Davila was spotted joining a motorcade of a presidential candidate on Tuesday.

“Pakiusap. Please don’t attack journalists just because they have been assigned to cover candidates you don’t like,” Acayan tweeted on Thursday.

He accompanied his post with press ID cards accredited by the campaign team of two different presidential bets, former Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and Vice President Leni Robredo.

“We have already had to put up with being brutally antagonized and discredited by this government and its trolls for the past six years, the last thing we need is to be canceled for just doing our job,” Acayan said in a statement. other Tweeter.

“Unlike vloggers, our job is to show the truth, gather facts and scrutinize. It’s not our job to please your biases when the truth shows otherwise,” he said. added.

“Our job is to make sure you can’t say ‘I didn’t know,'” Acayan continues. noted.

Her post has garnered 17,100 likes, over 2,200 retweets and 85 quote tweets so far.

Prior to this, online users had left comments about Davila joining Marcos’ campaign.

Davila covering the Marcos campaign

Last March 22, Marcos traveled to Cavite and attended a campaign rally in the country’s second most vote-rich province.

Davila, who was tasked with shooting his campaign, shared a picture of her inside the campaign vehicle with the presidential bet in the background.

“ABS-CBN’s Kampanya Serye On The Road (and) Presidential (Interviews) is filming today. I have been assigned to follow Presidential aspirants Bongbong Marcos (and) Senator Manny Pacquiao,” she tweeted. .

“Henry Omaga Diaz is covering for Vice President Leni Robredo (and) my co-anchors have been assigned to other candidates,” Davila added.

Davila also uploaded her photo during an interview with Pacquiao and said it was “proof” that she was also covering for the senator.

Eto po ang resibo, sana huwag magkalat of fake news. Completed my one-on-one (with) Senator Manny Pacquiao a few nights ago, I’ll be joining him for an outing soon. Today I am with former Senator Bongbong Marcos for the day. Beware of ABS-CBN SPECIALS #Halalan2022 soon!” she said.

In a separate space Tweeter, Davila said she covered for two applicants because they “weren’t sure” if Marcos would accept their interview request.

Meanwhile, other campaign photos from Davila to Marcos have been shared by some online users and Facebook pages.

Some have perceived Davila’s presence on Marcos’ trailer as an indication that she supports the presidential hope.

“Karen Davila…hmmmft??? Lipat ka na po BBM lady?? Good! Very welcome ka po,” wrote a Marcos supporter in response to photos of Davila inside the vehicle.

“Vlog pa nga Ms. Karen, enjoy mo lang (diyan) kung bored (ka) sa kabila,” said another of his followers after seeing a photo of the journalist with his smartphone.

Others expressed dismay at Davila’s appearance in the trailer.

“Karen Davila likes ABS-CBN but Karen likes BBM AND DUTERTE? I’m not kidding and I’m not serious but a big shock,” said twitter user noted.

Some Marcos supporters were suspicious of Davila’s presence on the campaign trail.

“What is Karen Davila doing in the UniTeam campaign in Cavite? Join the caravan? Join BBM on stage? Let’s not forget that she was a dilawan in her own right. I don’t trust his closeness to BBM,” said twitter user claims.

“Nag i-spy ‘yan kay BBM”, another Filipino claims.

Davila reiterated on Wednesday that she had been assigned to cover two presidential candidates for her network’s “Kampanya Serye series”.

“I’m assigned to cover BBM & Sen Manny Pacquiao. We have close + one-on-one interviews with the candidates,” she said on Facebook.

“Please note: I do not and cannot endorse any candidate. Please read the FAKE NEWS. Please help share the truth. Trabaho lang po tayo. # Halalan2022,” Davila added.

During elections, newsrooms normally assign journalists to cover and follow the election campaign of a certain candidate.

Each reporter is responsible for keeping track of the candidate’s activities and any issues relating to him during the campaign season.

The strategy also broadens the newsroom’s overall election coverage as each candidate is ideally covered for fairness.

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