RABBI ROSE: Gratitude and prayer for happiness | Latest news

With so much stress, anxiety, fear, and anger, the last thing you think about these days is probably happiness. Americans are seeking mental health services in record numbers!

Happiness is more than gratitude, and, as Americans, we have a right to the “pursuit of happiness,” even if we can’t catch it!

There is a Jewish prayer that helps us focus on achieving happiness. A free translation of the prayer lists ten things that can bring us happiness: (1) Honor those who gave me life, (2) Practice kindness, (3) Constantly learn, (4) Invite others at home, (5) Be there when others need me, (6) Celebrate sacred times in life, (7) Support others during times of loss, (8) Pray with intention, (9) Forgive those who have hurt me and ask for forgiveness where I have hurt others, (10) Commit to constant growth.

How is it possible to achieve these things in the time of Covid? Let’s see.

Honor your parents with a phone call, a virtual tour, sending a homemade card made by the grandchildren, or just standing in front of their window, carrying a sign and waving your hand.

Virtually celebrate the sacred moments of life! I have now “attended” several online Bar Mitzvah services, baby baptism, wedding, birthdays, and anniversary parities. I have attended funerals online and have zoomed into mourning houses to comfort those who are lost.

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