Solving Your Own Problems: The Basics of Entrepreneurship

If you find yourself connecting with people in creative ways, solving everyday problems people face, and wanting to be fiercely independent while still being successful, you have a calling to become an entrepreneur. With all the problems in the world, there is always a need for new inventions and new ways of doing things day to day. How do you choose the problem you want to solve as an entrepreneur?

On this episode of Making Bank, Jordan Maderich joins us in talking about his experiences as a filmmaker creating the world’s first and only tech-free platform to easily build your entire website. After realizing that marketing was his true calling, Jordan took to entrepreneurship and started his own business. In doing this, he identified some of the best ways to start a business and how to choose the issues you should be solving.

From realization to marketing

When Jordan started his entrepreneurial journey, he wanted to become a filmmaker. In college, he started doing commercials and video animations. From there, he realized he was building WordPress sites, which he then turned into templates for sale. Jordan would create animations and people would buy them as templates for their websites. Finally, he made his way to the making of a feature film. However, after achieving this goal, Jordan achieved some things.

“It taught me two things. A movie is like being a musician. Like there’s no money in it unless you have a marketable product on the other side. But I also realized that my passion was really in marketing, systems, people and culture and that sort of thing, ”says Jordan. Although he started in the cinema, he ended up in marketing. The inspiration he felt was to forge the human connection, not to make a movie. And this process turns out to be quite common for filmmakers.

Many filmmakers end up becoming marketers because they have to learn how to market films and projects to a certain audience. Much of the film industry appeals to a specific type of human and creates a bond. Not to mention, Jordan had developed marketing skills through his experiences developing WordPress animations and templates.

At the root of his passion, Jordan loved to express different messages and feelings through a medium. What drew Jordan into marketing and filmmaking in the first place was the disruption of space. He wanted to do things the best possible way. “It’s like my first thing to do, is that I like to shake things up and innovate and do things better or cheaper or faster or whatever.”

Combining his cinematic experience with his passion for marketing and his desire to create by disrupting what is normal, Jordan created a platform that offered people better quality for less. And it ended up growing, although Jordan hadn’t done anything in six years, just because he was riding the wave of internet success.

Solve Problems the path of the entrepreneur

Every entrepreneur wants to create a resource, tool or product that will succeed in the industry and challenge the “norm”. There is a world with so many opportunities and the potential to start something new or change the way things are done. How do you choose exactly what to do?

“I think the best problem for any entrepreneur to solve is their own. I still want to find a way to fix my problem. And every time you solve yours, you solve the problem of tens of thousands, if not millions of people at the same time. Jordan said. When you start a business, start with what you know – start with what is in front of you.

The best entrepreneurs know they are going to create something that will improve the world around them – so why not start with your own experiences and your own issues that you face on a daily basis. Most of the time, people have a common problem. They rarely take the time or want to invest in fixing this problem. They usually end up taking care of it.

To be the best of the best and take risks, you have to do the unexpected and create new ways of doing things. “I think there is always room for real innovation and I have always taken the initiative to go and solve a problem and even shake things up a bit.”

When you realize a problem, there might be a large group of people who want that problem fixed. And when you have this solution, they are drawn to you and your product or service. They like to chase after you, the person who solved the problem because you had the motivation and the determination to solve it on your own.

This leads to a different thought process for Jordan. “I don’t look for industries or niches that have problems and then try to solve them. I pretty much say, like, okay, if I can fix mine, I know my point of view and the issues I’m having. And if I really solve it for myself, as authentically, then this is the most realistic solution you can find. “

Posted on April 1, 2021

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