The 7 Best Online Courses to Learn WordPress

To get the most out of WordPress, you need to fully understand it. This will save you from technical issues and help you create a better experience for your visitors.

Therefore, we are listing the seven best online WordPress courses. Most of them are for beginners or intermediate level users, but there are also WordPress development courses for experienced people.

wordpress for beginners screenshot udemy

If you’re looking to get started with WordPress, this course is for you. The nine-hour course will walk you through the WordPress dashboard, the setup process, and the Gutenberg editor.

Additionally, you can learn more about the themes, widgets, plugins, menus, and other elements needed to create a responsive website.

Instructor Andrew Williams also covers creating different types of websites, such as a blog, business, or hybrid sites. Andrew is an SEO and WordPress guru who has also published WordPress eBooks.

The course is a bestseller on the platform, with nearly one hundred thousand students and a 4.6 rating. The listed price is around $85, but you can get a massive discount during the sale.

The nice thing is that Andrew will teach you how to install WordPress locally, so you don’t have to pay for hosting or domain. If you have no experience using WordPress but want to build a website now, this course may be helpful.


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Unlike the first course, Become a WordPress Developer is an advanced WordPress course that covers coding and other technical aspects.

In this course, you will learn PHP, JavaScript preparation, REST API, plugin development, and more. It also discusses different types of posts and pages, user-generated content, user roles, and full site editing. Being an in-depth course, it contains 41.5 hours of videos along with dozens of downloadable articles and resources. This course is also a bestseller with around 75,000 students and a rating of 4.7.

The instructor, Brad Schiff, is an experienced web developer who runs a web development related YouTube channel. The course is $140, but there are huge discounts if you buy during the sale. Since this course is designed for those who want to develop powerful custom sites, you will need to know the basics of WordPress and HTML to fully understand this.

screenshot of wordpress academy skill sharing

WordPress Academy is a beginner level WordPress course available on Skillshare. Approximately 84 lessons are included in the course, totaling 8.5 hours of video content.

The course teaches you the basics of PHP and WordPress, along with hands-on tutorials. You can learn more about themes and plugins, widgets, files, and the Gutenberg editor. Whether you need to create a simple blog site or an eCommerce store on WordPress, this course can help. Do you manage several sites? Don’t worry, this course also covers WordPress Multisite.

The good thing is that you will create three custom WordPress websites as a project during this course, so you can practice what you learn. You also get a month of free hosting to practice with. The course is taught by Chris Dixon, web developer and leading teacher on Skillshare. This is a premium course on Skillshare, which means you need a Skillshare subscription to access it.

It’s a great choice if you’re already a Skillshare member and need to master WordPress. Even if you are not an active Skillshare member, you can opt for a seven-day free trial.

create a complete website using a wordpress screenshot

Available on Coursera, Build A Full Website Using WordPress is an A-Z tutorial for creating a WordPress site. From setting up a new site and creating a homepage to adding content and social buttons, the course covers everything you need to get a site live.

Coursera categorizes Build a Complete Website Using WordPress as a Guided Project, which is a short course with simple instructions for getting the job done. During the Guided Project, the screen splits into two so you can receive instructions on one screen and practice on the other.

This free course is offered by the Coursera Project Network, with Stacey Shanklin-Langford as an instructor. This is a two hour course. So if you need to get a site up and running quickly without going into WordPress or PHP details, this is the best choice.

full screenshot of wordpress website development course

Complete WordPress Website Developer is a fairly beginner-level course designed for those new to the platform.

In this course, you will learn the basics of WordPress, creating and hosting a WordPress site, and content management. There are sections for theme plugins, menus and widgets, and site migration.

The course is developed by Shubham Saurav, a web and iOS developer. Over 190,000 students have enrolled in this course, which maintains a 4.3 rating. For $50, you can access 52 lessons, or four hours of video.

operational course screenshot

Up and Running is an in-depth WordPress course for advanced users. Unlike most other courses, Up and Running offers a comprehensive e-book as well as video tutorials to help you better understand the concepts.

The course is divided into eight sections. In the course, you will learn about WordPress themes and plugins, languages ​​used in WordPress site development, custom scripts, and tag functions. The course will cover creating custom post types, using APIs, and using the Gutenberg editor.

The instructors, Fred Meyers and David Hayes, are experienced WordPress developers and also share their knowledge on the WPShout blog. The course costs almost $200. It also offers a Pro Bootcamp for $997 that includes expert review, support, and video calls with instructors.

This course is for budding WordPress developers. Therefore, knowledge of WordPress, PHP, HTML and CSS are prerequisites for this course.

woocommerce beginners guide screenshot

If you want to create your e-commerce site for your small business, this is a great course. This course teaches you how to use WooCommerce, a free plugin for creating online stores.

In this 1.5 hour course, you will learn the basics of setting up a WooCommerce store. The course also covers adding and managing products and extensions. Rachel McCollin is the instructor for this course. She is a web developer and has written three books.

This is a nice beginner level course. So, if you have no experience in creating an online store through WooCommerce, this can be useful. Best of all, free.

Become a WordPress Developer

Whether you want to pursue a career in WordPress development or create a personal site, these courses will have you covered. Some of them are step-by-step tutorials for building basic sites, while others cover advanced aspects of WordPress development.

If you are looking to become a WordPress developer, you should learn all the necessary skills, in addition to enrolling in these courses.

Become a WordPress developer

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