The 8 best creative hacks to grab the attention of recruiters

The only thing that often stands between you and your dream job is getting noticed by the right recruiter. You can easily grab the attention of employers and hiring executives by adding a touch of creativity to your efforts.

Here are some creative activities that job seekers should try.

1. Create relevant content

Sometimes the best way to say you can do something is to practically do it. These days, recruiters are looking for examples of your skills rather than the theoretical knowledge you have acquired from educational institutions or certificate courses.

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If you want to become a web developer, you can design a dummy website while you search for a job. Then you can show it to your potential recruiters, so they can learn more about your abilities.

Use this creative technique if you are about to change your line of work. For example, you want to quit copywriting and move into writing technical content. You can write the how-to guide of any popular application and add the free WordPress site content link to your resume.

2. Add multimedia content to your CV

If traditional resumes and job applications aren’t getting the results you want, why don’t you try to get creative with them? You can attract recruiters with an intro video with your application or resume.


The video should be short, where you should confidently introduce yourself and talk about your skills and experiences. If the recruiter appreciates your creativity and communication skills, he will surely call you for the interview.

Plus, you can create a custom video for each business and describe how you can contribute. Upload it to YouTube and share its link with the app. It can work as an alternative to the cover letter.

3. Add creative content to your social profiles

Living in today’s times, you cannot deny the relevance of social media. In fact, social platforms have become an extension of personal branding. For this reason, a large percentage of employers view candidate profiles on social media.

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Now here is another opportunity for you to show your creativity to attract recruiters. Whether or not you add your social media profile links to your resume, be sure to include creative content in your profile.

You can directly add your design or creative content to your Facebook account. Or, if the content is published on other websites, you can share the links on social networks.

4. Create a presentation of your portfolio

If you want to become a trainer, consultant or researcher, sending a presentation with your application is an interesting idea. The presentation should be short, attractive and easily understandable.

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When creating the layout for a particular position, use company brand colors to grab the attention of recruiters. Microsoft PowerPoint is a popular tool that you can use to create a proper presentation.

5. Add infographics to your resume

In recent years, resumes with infographics have become very popular. You can also implement this creative approach to grab the attention of hiring managers. These resumes tell more stories than a traditional resume and are therefore more likely to be noticed by recruiters.

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When adding an infographic to your resume, make sure the recruiter doesn’t get lost in flashy colors or weird graphics. Many hiring managers still prefer a well-written traditional resume. So you can send both versions if you want to send the infographic version.

Since adding additional material to your CV will take time, you may want to include it for the position you are really interested in. You can use any infographic resume template from Canva.

6. Put effort into networking

You may have heard stories of people landing jobs through cold calling. As interesting as it sounds, it’s not the best practice for finding a job. Instead, you should invest your time and effort into networking on platforms like Jobcase.

With the help of a helpful network, you can even skip the entire application process. If you have hiring managers in your network, you can grab their attention immediately for any suitable position.

While developing and expanding your network, proactively include professionals in your field. Don’t just stop contacting them after you add to your network. Interact with them regularly and seek advice if needed.

Also, connect with people who work at the company you are applying for. They can help you by sharing tips on how they got the job.

7. Create an outstanding LinkedIn profile

If you’re not active on LinkedIn but looking for a job, you’ve made a big mistake. Apart from networking, LinkedIn is a very beneficial source to find a job by applying directly to job postings.

Before you start sending applications from this platform, remember to make your profile outstanding. Your LinkedIn profile is a marketing tool that will help you draw more attention to your job application, as recruiters often scour LinkedIn to vet job seekers.

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You can even add the #OpenToWork badge in your LinkedIn profile picture and let everyone know you’re actively looking for a job. This increases your chances of receiving calls from recruiters even without applying.

Following different company profiles on social media will help you stay in touch with them and give you a clear idea of ​​company cultures. At the same time, you will be informed of job offers as soon as they publish them.

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Also, you follow the employer or hiring managers of your dream company on Twitter and retweet relevant posts to show your opinion. While they don’t always return your calls, you can start a conversation by offering constructive opinions on their social posts.

Be creative for your dream job

A recruiter has to sift through hundreds of candidate resumes every day during peak hiring season. The more creative you become, the more likely you are to be chosen by a recruiter.

Now that you know the creative techniques for grabbing the attention of recruiters, you can start implementing them. Also, you can focus on building a good relationship with recruiters through social media.

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