Twenty Twenty-Two is the first default block theme to be marked as Accessibility Ready – WP Tavern

After seven months of effort between multiple teams of contributors, the default Twenty Twenty-Two (TT2) theme will be labeled as “Accessibility-Ready” when WordPress 6.1 is released in November. It is the first block theme to meet the requirements for this distinction. During development, the theme has also been tested and found to meet WCAG AA level accessibility requirements.

The Accessible for Accessibility tag can be applied to directory themes that have successfully passed an accessibility audit for the minimum requirements established by the Themes team. Theme authors are encouraged to exceed these requirements, which are set out in a tiered set of required and recommended guidelines.

It is important to note that themes marked as accessibility ready do not necessarily meet any level of formal accessibility requirements, as these measures apply to content and cannot be applied to a theme.

The addition of the tag to Twenty Twenty-Two was delayed due to a few issues requiring collaboration between teams. One of the biggest was the theme having multiple H1 headings per page. Although WCAG guidelines do not prohibit more than one H1 on a page, the accessibility-ready the guidelines required no more than one H1 per page. Some participants in the discussion suggested that the requirements should change.

“The reason the theme’s accessibility guidelines are stricter than WCAG is primarily for clarity: the guidelines were written to be easily testable and self-explanatory,” commented Accessibility Team Contributor Joe Dolson. , on the receipt.

“The thing is, we couldn’t provide in-depth accessibility training to theme reviewers, so we needed the rules to be as narrow as possible. As long as we update the guidelines in a way that still meets to these criteria, I think it would be good.

The Themes and Accessibility teams have reached consensus on how the accessibility tag will apply to blocking themes so that contributors can move forward with adding the tag.

“We need to keep in mind that a break in WordPress block output accessibility will impact all block themes, so these failures are pretty serious, but as it stands, the theme meets all the expected criteria,” Dolson said.

The WordPress Themes Directory currently only has 94 themes labeled as “Accessibility Ready” and only two of them also support full site editing – Jace by Themes Team Contributor Carolina Nymark and W3CSSPress by Matteo Marchiori. Twenty Twenty-Two will join them on November 1, 2022, the expected release date of WordPress 6.1.

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