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You can find your polling place and check your registration status on this State Secretariat website.

You can also see which district you are voting in over another SOS website here.

The League of Women Voters has a site that will show you your districts, give you race information, allow you to make selections in races, and save that information. The league sent out questionnaires to candidates, and you can read the responses from candidates who responded. To visit Vote411

You need ID to vote

You must show valid photo ID at the polls before you can vote. If you don’t have one of the pieces of identification, you should be allowed to cast a provisional ballot. If you don’t have one of the accepted pieces of ID, you can apply for voter photo ID from the county board of registrars. What ID do you need?

Postal votes

If you are voting by mail and have mailed it, it must be received by the Mail-in Elections Manager no later than noon on election day. If you hand-deliver your ballot, it must be received by the close of business the day before the election, which is Monday. You can also request an emergency mail-in ballot with a doctor’s letter up until the day before the election. More information on absences is available here.

Prohibition of cross-voting

When you vote on Tuesday, you’ll have to decide whether to vote in the Republican or Democratic primary. If no candidate wins a majority of votes in a race (50% + 1 vote), the top two voters will face off in a runoff on June 24. Alabama law prohibits people from “cross-voting,” meaning that if you vote in one party’s primary, you can’t vote in the other party’s runoff. However, people who don’t vote on Tuesday can vote in either party’s primary in the second round. See an illustration.

Campaign finance: You can search for national and local candidate funding on your ballot from the secretary of State campaign finance page.

You can search for Federal Nominee Funding on the Federal Election Commission website.

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