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Hello. So I made 2 wordpress themes now. One I followed a tutorial and it was basically from scratch but video did most of the programming. The other one I made a while ago and I think I used a child theme. – My question is, what is the best way to start a wordpress theme? I think it would probably be a child theme. Could I get a recommendation from one if so? There may be another method I’m not thinking of.

Thank you!

It depends on what you mean by “best” – easiest, fastest, most efficient?

A child theme is probably easier to create because you are effectively modifying another theme, but it will be less efficient when running because it has two sets of scripts and styles to check.

I’m mainly interested in the simpler one right now. I think I’m just asking “what is everyone doing?” – Could you link to a good child theme? – Wouldn’t you remove the code you don’t use, thus solving the problem of two sets of scripts? Maybe I misunderstand you.

Thank you.

What constitutes a “good” child theme will depend on the type of website you are creating and the parent theme you decide to use.

See the WordPress Child Themes Manual.


To do this, I first created a static webpage using html5 and css3. I also lay out images and video placeholders. I add navigation too.

Then I replace the .html files with .php files. I will start separating static code into WordPress template files. I make sure to add a number of actions and filters where appropriate. I document all of this so that I can give a list to plugin developers.

As soon as possible I try to get an activatable theme and keep adding widgetized areas.

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