WordPress 5.9 rushed “in a dangerous manner” is now delayed


WordPress recently decided that the third major release for 2021 would be postponed until January 25, 2022. The project was so far behind schedule that major contributors as late as last week expressed concerns about the possibility of meeting the 2021 deadline.

What happened behind the scenes was a rush to meet a deadline with a growing realization that failure to stop the release could result in “regrettable decisions” as “big red flags” signaled that it was not. There was no way that version 5.9 could be released on time.

High hopes for WordPress 5.9

WordPress version 5.9 represents a major milestone for the WordPress community as it includes significant upgrades to the full site block editing capabilities.


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Full Site Editing is a foundational feature that allows an editor to edit all aspects of a website using the Gutenberg block interface.

The purpose of Gutenberg’s blocking-based interface is to make WordPress easier to use through a visual interface.

Key components of version 5.9 not ready

Many of the key components for an easy-to-use block-based editor were far from ready for release.

The block-based editor represents the future of WordPress, but without these important components, the future of WordPress remains stuck in the future.

According to the timeline posted by WordPress, they were faced with two decisions:

  • Meet the deadline by deploying a significantly reduced version of WordPress
  • Extend the deadline and publish the full and planned version of WordPress 5.9


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According to WordPress, problems proved to be insurmountable and subsequently forced the delay in the release of version 5.9:

“Towards the end of the original alpha release cycle, issues with several major features planned for version 5.9 emerged, including:

Full Site Editing (FSE), which is a set of features, such as Global Styles UI, Navigation Block, Block Themes, Template Editors, and Site Editing Feeds.

The Twenty Twenty-Two (TT2) theme, which depends on these FSE features.

WordPress instituted a freeze on the introduction of new features in order to focus resources on finishing version 5.9

The same ad noted:

“5.9 is still on functional freeze. The work from now on is strictly to process changes that bring the version to a stable state.

WordPress rushed in a dangerous way

Major WordPress core contributors raised concerns over a week ago, noting that the project was far from over and saying it was dangerously rushed, recommending that the release date be pushed back to an earlier date. later date.

The main contributor wrote:

“I think there are big red flags here that some things are not ready for 5.9.

Especially recreate the full list of items for models / model parts at the last minute.

Don’t we want to give the new feeds plenty of testing in Gutenberg to make sure they’re fine-tuned and the desired solution before we include them in a major release?

We used to think the navigation panel was a desired solution, imagine if we shipped it to the WP kernel just days after development. We would regret it now.

Overall, it looks like we are rushing things in a dangerous way right now.

We have targeted version 5.9 for these items to be released in the kernel, but too much is just not ready, hence the rush to change so much at the last minute.

Wouldn’t it be better to miss the expected target date than to rush potentially regrettable decisions and brand new feeds into the WP core at the last minute? “


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Better go out after the holidays

The sight of major WordPress contributors “rushing things in a dangerous way” to meet what is essentially an arbitrary deadline can seem frightening from the outside.

Yet it was the major contributors themselves who were also afraid that the time would pass to realistically deliver a finished product.

In a way, it’s best to release a major version upgrade after the year-end vacation.

There is always the possibility that something could go wrong and go wrong during the crucial holiday shopping season would be a disaster.

It could be argued that the decision to push the release date back long after the holidays works for the best for several reasons.


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