WordPress Jetpack is now available in six plugins

Automattic announced that Jetpack, used by over 5 million users, is now available as six individual plugins.

This allows users to choose the features they want without having to install the full suite of products.

Jetpack by Automattic

Automattic is the for-profit side of WordPress. Although for profit, the majority of his projects are available under the General Public License.

Jetpack is an all-in-one WordPress utility that works seamlessly to bring security, backup, performance enhancement, and other features to a WordPress site.

The advantage of Jetpack is that a publisher can have several must-have features without having to worry about whether or not six different plugins work well together. Anyone who has used a performance-enhancing caching plugin knows how tricky plugin conflicts can get.

Yet Jetpack’s strength was also seen as its weakness because not everyone needs an all-in-one plugin.

Jetpack social admin dashboard

Jetpack available in six plugins

Automattic has announced that Jetpack is now available in six different plugins for those who want to choose features.

Automattic acknowledged the shortcoming of the all-in-one approach in its announcement:

“Many developers and site owners have asked for the flexibility to use specific Jetpack components as part of their own ‘technology stack’ of plugins. We were listening.

“The WordPress community is passionate about being able to control exactly what gets installed on their sites,” says James Grierson, CEO of Jetpack. “The new Jetpack plugins will provide this flexibility, while improving the overall WordPress experience.”

Plugin details

Some of the plugins are new while a few others are between one and two years old.

  • Four of the new plugins are free: Jetpack Protect, Boost, Social and CRM are completely free.
  • Two of the plugins require payment: Jetpack Backup and Jetpack Search require a paid plan.

The six WordPress plugins are:

Jetpack backup
This plugin reached the version 1.0 milestone in October 2021. Not really a completely new plugin. It is a website backup plugin that backs up themes, plugins and database including WooCommerce customer data. The plugin offers users the option to restore the site to any previous state, even if the website is offline.

Jetpack Protect
Provides website security by scanning plugins and themes daily to identify and provide warning if there are any vulnerabilities. The plugin uses the WPScan vulnerability library which contains an updated list of WordPress vulnerabilities.

Boost Jetpack
This plugin reached the version 1.0 milestone in April 2021, so it’s not really new. This plugin improves website performance by generating critical CSS (only loads necessary CSS), defer non-essential JavaScript, lazy loading module that only loads images that users can see.

social jetpack
Social sharing management and scheduling hub that helps manage all social channels from one place.

Jetpack Search
Provides advanced features like auto prediction, auto spelling correction, instant results, real-time indexing and other advanced features.

RCMP Jetpack
This plugin was advertised as being derived from the main Jetpack, but it has been offered since 2020. It helps manage customers with a management portal, invoicing, invoicing system, and more.

All-in-one Original Jetpack

The original version of Jetpack will remain the same for the time being. The announcement stated that at some point in the future, some of the functions that were turned into individual plugins would be removed from the Jetpack, but it was assured that their re-addition would be seamless.


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