WordPress Theme Directory Adds Block Themes to Filter Menu – WP Tavern

This week has been loaded with thematic news, as the discussion about improving the visibility of block themes in the directory heated up before the Themes team got down to a plan of action. Meta contributors have added a new “Block Themes” menu item to the filters menu on the directory’s home page, a solution that some classic theme developers have fought tooth and nail to discourage in the ticket during of seven weeks.

Clicking on Block Themes displays themes that have the full-site-editing feature tag. Previously, block themes were buried in three clicks and users had to know how to find them through the feature filter. They are now easily accessible from the home page of the directory.

Although most WordPress themes support blocks in the content editor, the identifier “block themes” refers to themes that allow users to edit templates with blocks through the site editor.

As the theme landscape evolves, contributors have worked to create a shared lexicon of how they refer to themes that support full site editing. When the team updated the themes manual before the release of WordPress 5.9, they decided to use the term “classic” for PHP-based themes and “block” for those that support full editing. of the site.

Block themes are about to hit a major milestone in the yearbook. At the time of publication, 99 block themes are available, which represents approximately 1% of the total number of themes in the directory. As part of the overall project goals for 2022, WordPress Executive Director Josepha Haden-Chomphosy has set 500 block themes as a goal for the community. The number isn’t even halfway there, but the recently released Create Block Theme plugin should give it a boost, as it allows anyone to design a theme in-editor and export it for viewing. others use it.

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