WP Engine Acquires Popular Delicious Brains WordPress Plugins, Including Developer Favorite Advanced Custom Fields

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–WP Engine, the world’s most trusted WordPress technology company, today announced that it will acquire five of the most popular developer-centric tools for WordPress from Delicious Brains, bolstering the company’s offerings for both traditional and managed headless WordPress. The plugins have a total installed base of around 4 million users and are widely adopted by WP Engine customers. The acquired software includes Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), WP Migrate, WP Offload Media, WP Offload SES and Better Search Replace.

Beloved Developer-Centric Tools

Acquiring these widely used WordPress plugins will expand WP Engine’s portfolio of market-leading development tools, including WP Engine’s Local, the #1 local WordPress development tool, Genesis, the #1 WordPress theme framework. 1 and Atlas Content Modeler, which simplifies the development process of creating content models for headless WordPress sites.

The following plugins now join WP Engine’s existing toolset for the modern WordPress developer:

Advanced custom fields – makes it easy for developers to build complete CMS solutions with WordPress, including easy-to-edit fields for content creators on any type of site.

Migrate WP (formerly WP Migrate DB Pro) – the perfect advanced development workflow tool trusted by global brands on some of the biggest WordPress sites in the world. The software allows push/pull of database, media, themes and plugins between WordPress installations quickly, easily and directly.

WP unload media – automatically copies media files to cloud storage, e.g. Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces or Google Cloud Storage, rewrites URLs and serves media from storage provider or CDN; all of this greatly increases the speed and scale of the WordPress site.

Best Search Replace – a light and fast migration solution that runs a search/replace on the database when migrating a WordPress site to make sure everything is working properly.

WP Offload SES – Effortlessly configure your WordPress site to send all email through a low-cost Amazon SES account, increasing inbox deliverability and avoiding the limitations imposed by many email providers.

“ACF, WP Migrate, and all of these plugins are tools the modern WordPress developer can’t live without,” said Heather Brunner, President and CEO of WP Engine. “In combination with Local and our Genesis Framework, we continue to innovate and invest in our portfolio of essential build tools so that they are not only used by developers to build WordPress sites today, but continue to be the preferred way to build for the next decade. We want to be the WordPress developer champion and make WP Engine their platform of choice for their most important digital experiences.

Powering the Modern WordPress Developer

The acquisition, and in particular the addition of ACF, bolsters WP Engine’s platform, both its traditional managed WordPress and its headless offerings.

With the ability to add custom content fields in the classic WordPress interface as well as custom blocks to the new WordPress block editor, ACF will become even more important as block-based editing in WordPress continues to gain traction. adoption. Specifically, ACF’s block builder functionality allows developers to create custom blocks much faster, and therefore more easily create WordPress websites that are not only unique, but tailored to the distinct needs of marketers and marketers. content creators.

On the headless front, with Atlas Content Modeler (ACM), WP Engine plans to innovate and invest in the continued development of ACF so that it remains the preferred tool for creating and modeling content for WordPress sites. headless. The combination of ACF and ACM will create the undisputed standard for content modeling for headless WordPress, further solidifying WordPress’ position as the top choice for headless CMS architectures.

StudioPress, Genesis, and the WordPress Community

In June 2018, WP Engine acquired StudioPress, makers of Genesis Framework (“Genesis”), the world’s most popular theme framework and its suite of site building tools for amazing WordPress sites. In June 2019, WP Engine acquired Flywheel and with it Local, the #1 local development tool in WordPress. Since then, WP Engine has worked to improve the WordPress builder experience while local downloads have grown to nearly 900,000 and Genesis themes and plugins are used by nearly 600,000 websites.

With the acquisition of these developer tools from Delicious Brains, WP Engine doubles its commitment to the WordPress community and open source. These new tools, in combination with WP Engine’s existing build tools, will provide both the best building experience and also the fastest and easiest way to build and grow WordPress or headless WordPress websites. Additionally, WP Engine plans to extend support to contributors and the community by providing meaningful opportunities for ongoing collaboration and ongoing maintenance and development of ACF, WP Migrate, and these additional authoring tools. Find more information on what the acquisition means for Delicious Brains plugins here.

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