YouTube star Michelle Phan shares her 6 favorite influencers

  • Michelle Phan uploaded her first YouTube video in 2007 and continues to keep an eye out for newcomers.
  • Her current favorites include travel vlogger Bald and Bankrupt and fashion critic Mina Le.
  • “I have a good ass algorithm,” Phan told Insider.

As the forefather of YouTube media, Michelle Phan continues to be an avid watcher of the platform, with a keen ear for emerging talent.

While few creators can claim to remain relevant roughly 15 years after uploading their first video, Phan has endured. Over the years, she’s pursued a myriad of acclaimed ventures, including subscription-based startup Ipsy and a makeup line called Em Cosmetics, which she now sells weekly on the social shopping platform. budding Popshop Live.

Phan’s latest venture, Summer School, is an online course for budding creators priced at $500.

Given her unique tenure in the space, Phan sat down with Insider to share six of her favorite content creators working today. They run the gamut, from seventeen-year-old horror filmmaker to fashion and culture critics to a first-person travel vlogger whom Phan likens to the YouTube version of Anthony Bourdain.

“I have a good ass algorithm,” Phan told Insider.

Discover the creators, in alphabetical order, below:

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