Zillow names the best US metros for singles to move to for love in 2022

Wichita, Kansasclass #1 in the US for singles looking to move to find love. Although they don’t have one of the largest single populations, Kansas’ major metropolitan area rose to the top of the rankings largely due to its incredible affordability. Of all the metros analyzed, it has the highest share of affordable rental units for singles, leaving single residents with more disposable income to spend on dating and social activities, which could increase the likelihood of finding a match. Filling in the first five are Austin, TX; Milwaukee, Wis.; Denver, Colorado; and San Antonio, TX.

“Remote work has opened up housing options across the country,” said Amanda Pendleton, Zillow house trend expert. “If not tied down to an office, singles can move to more affordable locations and a vibrant singles scene. Metropolitan areas like Wichitawhere your housing budget stretches further, are particularly attractive at a time when nationwide rents are almost 16% higher than a year ago. »

Top 10 best metros for singles to move to for love, according to Zillow

  1. Wichita, KS
  2. Austin, TX
  3. Milwaukee, Wis.
  4. Denver, CO
  5. San Antonio, TX
  6. Houston, TX
  7. Dallas, TX
  8. Seattle, WA
  9. washington d.c.
  10. Boston, MA

A recent Zillow poll found that a majority (51%) of renters report being single and never married, and having a lower family income than the general population. With rental prices rising steadily, those lucky enough to be able to move are looking for more space and a relatively affordable price.

Top 10 of the best metros to move to for love


Typical rental price (based on ZORI)

1. Wichita, KS


2.Austin, TX


3. Milwaukee, Wis.


4.Denver, CO


5. San Antonio, TX


6. Houston, TX


7. Dallas, TX


8.Seattle, Washington


9.Washington, D.C.


10.Boston, MA


Research methodology

The best cities for singles were determined using housing metrics from Zillow and data from the US Census Bureau. With the exception of the Zillow Observed Rent Index (ZORI) measure – which was given half the weight – the collection of all other variables were each given equal weight for the final index. Of the 100 largest US metros, the top-ranked metros in the index were considered for inclusion in the final list.

Zillow analyzed four main variables:

  • Inventory per single person: reflects the number of rental listings in an area per single person. Places with higher inventory shares per single scored higher in this category.
  • Share of Singles in an Area: Places with a higher share of singles (based on 2020 US Census Bureau data) scored higher in this category.
  • Typical rental price: Based on ZORI for May 2022subways with lower rental prices scored higher in this category.
  • Share of affordable rental listings: Reflects share of the affordable market for singles based on one-time incomes (based on 2020 US Census Bureau data)

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1 Based on May 2022 Zillow Observed Rent Index (ZORI) data


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